A Carrot Won't Cover It

Everyone has up's and down's. Everyone's life is a rollercoaster. That's exactly Camryn Weaver's life. She had a bit of a rough childhood. But one kid was there to make it better for her. He was protective of her, sweet to her, treated her like his princess. But what a lot of people don't know is that this boy is the world famous Louis Tomlinson.

*Kind Of Based on a True Story. Camryn Weaver is a real person, A.K.A my bffe. :) *
The person in the photo is Camryn Alexis Weaver. (this was requested c:)


1. Once Upon A Time, I Fell In Love With Louis Tomlinson


            -15 Years Ago-

Camryn had flown from Virgina in the USA to her grandmother's home in South Yorkshire, Doncaster, UK. She had been going to her grandmum's house since she was four.

Camryn strutted into her grandmum's house, like she usually does. Camryn was such a bubbly person. She loved to laugh, she was spontaneous. "Cami! My baby doll!" her grandmum comes running up to her.

"Meema!" She smiles. She hugs her tightly. It was the first day of summer. She left her second grade class early to fly to England. "Baby, I've got some krumpets and tea in the kitchen. Help yourself." she says caringly. "No thanks! I wanna play outside!" she explodes with excitement.

"Alright then, just be careful, and don't go into the streets Cami!" she says. But she didn't get a chance to hear her grandmum talk. She just jetted outside. She saw two kids playing. "Hi!" she says, happily. "Ello." the boy says. "I'm Camryn!" she says. "Hi Camryn, I'm Josh!" the young boy says. "And I'm Mariah." the young girl with brunette hair says. "Can I play with you?" Camryn asks, shyly.


-Next Day-

"Cami! There's a cool kid we want you to me!" Josh explained as Camryn ran down the steps to go over to his friends. "Ok, sure!" she happily says, moving her thick black hair out of her face. Hilary grabbed Camryn's arm, and pulled her over to a young boy. He had the most piercing blue eyes, with straight thin looking brown hair. He had a heart shaped face. Camryn found herself blushing from her first crush. "Ello! I'm Louis!" he says cheerily. "I know your grandmum, she used to give me biscuts." he smiles, making Camryn giggle. "I'm Camryn." she smiles.

"You American? What's it like over there!" he excitedly asks. "Kinda boring!" she moans. They couldn't keep their eyes off one another. "Come on! Let's go play tag!" Hilary whines. "Yeah!" Louis smiles, grabbing her hand. Camryn had butterflies explode in her stomach.

A/N: They're 7, but Louis is 8. :)


"My most fond memory is when I had my first crush.." I say. I just had given a project on my favorite memory. I couldn't wait to share that, because that was when I had my first love. Kind of. But what people don't know is that it's Louis Tomlinson. I had to change the name to Xavier because I couldn't have people asking things like, 'Oh, Louis Tomlinson? Your such a faker!' or, 'You did not know Louis Tomlinson, just stop trying to get attention you attention whore.' My 'education center' was very cruel. I live in New Jersey. I'm 19 years old. I'm edcuating myself with Drama and English. I was right now in English.

"Very cute." my teacher, Mr.Ironman says. I roll my eyes as he watches me sit down. I was not comfortable with him as my teacher. Because being a curvy girl you have your perks to the boys. Just, not 45 year old men. I watched as Mr.Ironman licked his lips. I gave him a glare and he turn to Courtney.


"Camryn! It's that TIME again!" My mom sings as I walk into the front door. Yep. I still live with my mom. Pathetic? Yeah. I'm still looking for houses. "Oh my gosh, England!" I ask. "Yes indeedy!" she smiles. "YAY!" I shout. I run into my mum. "Thank you thank you thank you thank you!" I repeatedly say over and over. "Alright, alright! I love you too!" she laughs. I hadn't been able to go to England since I was in 8th grade. Louis was my best friend. After I was harrassed, physically, I had been more closer with Louis. He has been my guardian angel. He always hugged me, and we just had the best relationship. We we're actually in a relationship once, but then went back to friends.

I remember once we snuck jumped over my grandmums fence when no one was there, and we snuck into the forest. He sat me down on the leaves. My butt becoming instantly wet.

"Louis." I said. "What?" he smiles. "I feel like we're going to get in trouble.." I look around. "Cami, you've gotta take some chances. You've gotta live while your young." He said. It's ironic now knowing Live While We're Young is the name of one of his singles. "Yeah, but.." he stops me. "I love you." he says. "What?" I say, a bit skeptical. "Your my best friend, I love you so much." he said again. "I love you too." I say. He looks down at our hands being held. "I need to know, that what ever we go through, we'll always be there for eachother.." he says. "Why.." I say. "I'm getting pretty serious, about, music, and my band." he says.

"Louis, of course, don't be silly." I laughed. "Good." he smiles. "Camryn! CAMRYN!" I hear my grandmother screaming. I look up at Louis who looks up at me. We stand, and I'm about to start to run, when he kisses my cheek. I smile at him and we run to my house to get home.

That was one of the reasons why I wanted to go home. Home to England.. Home to, Louis..


A/N: This story is dedicated to my beautiful best friend, who is in the picture, who is obsessed with none other than Louis Tomlinson. This is kind of like her life, and I wanted to recreate it. And with Louis, but this boy, Xavier sounded perfect. I just needed to. By the way, Camryn knows about this. :) ~Diana <3



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