My Dreams, My Love, My Life

Kristen was a beautiful and happy girl, she had a amazing life until her mother married a abusive man after her parents got divorced. He abused Kristen and her mother. Her mother died 3 months later caused by what Kristen was told, a car accident. Now that her mother is gone, she will her have face her dad on her own, life is very difficult for her. Kristen and her friends got together one day and decided to leave all the stress and stay in the sun house Kristen owned in a field of daisies. What are people going to think once they noticed theyy're gone? Whats her father going to say? Will she meet someone while her and her friends stay at the field of daisies?


2. What If I Left?


      I woke up, my eyes were red and heavy from crying last night. I looked out my window and saw the sunlight beaming in, I stared out the window for a couple more seconds, thinking about my mother again, a tear fell from my eyes, slowly sliding down my cheek, I wiped it away as I got up to get ready. As I was about to enter my bathroom, I heard my phone go off, I walked over to the table and saw it was a text from Isabelle, my best friend since kindergarden, it said 'hey, meet me at my house in 30 min, its important'.  I was glad she texted me that, I always need an excuse to get away from Dave. I got up and walked into the bathroom to shower. After i got out of the hot, relaxing shower, I brushed my hair, went to my room and picked something to wear. I chose a pair of red skinny jeans and a blue and white striped shirt. I packed for school and left. By the time I arrived at Isabelle's house, she was already sitting on her porch waiting for me. "HEY!" I shouted to her. She looked up and smiled. I was walking up her drive way and the stairs and she let me in. We walked into the kitchen and she got me some cereal and milk. She knew i barely eat breakfast at come because my dad only buys what he wants and everything he got, i hated. "Thanks" I said smling as i started to eat my breakfast. "Welcome" she said smiling as she sad across me. "So what was so important that you needed to call me over here in such short notice?" I asked her. She looked up at me with a worry face "I've been thinking, about all the bullsht thats happened to you, and all the others" she said. A lot of things has been going on with me, my friends Ashley, Harry, Peter and Ally. "oh" was all I could think of saying. "So you know that house you have in the flower field? You know, the one that is pretty much made of glass?" I have a house in a field full of flowers, me and my mom would always go to if we ever needed to take a break, we always kept it as a secret so it could be more special, and since i knew Ashley, Isabelle, Peter and Harry technically my whole life, I knew I could trust them so I told them about my secret place. "yeah?" I said. "Well maybe we could all go there to you know, take a break from the real world and just finally have fun and feel free." "maybe, it would be nice to finally go there again and to leave all the stress but-" I hesitated. "But what?" ask Isabelle. I sighed, "but what will Dave say when he notice I'm gone?" I said with a worried look on my face.  


    I could tell Kristen was worried, it wasnt when she asked me "what will Dave say when he notices I'm gone?" I could already tell she was scared and worried when I asked her about going to the field of daisies. I could tell by the way she sort of just froze, and looked at me, I looked into her eyes and could tell she was afraid Dave might come after her. She was so easy to read, she could never hide anything from me because I would know. I never thought about what people would think, say, or do when they notice we're all gone. 

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