My Dreams, My Love, My Life

Kristen was a beautiful and happy girl, she had a amazing life until her mother married a abusive man after her parents got divorced. He abused Kristen and her mother. Her mother died 3 months later caused by what Kristen was told, a car accident. Now that her mother is gone, she will her have face her dad on her own, life is very difficult for her. Kristen and her friends got together one day and decided to leave all the stress and stay in the sun house Kristen owned in a field of daisies. What are people going to think once they noticed theyy're gone? Whats her father going to say? Will she meet someone while her and her friends stay at the field of daisies?


4. What Happened?!


    I finally stopped crying so Izzy and I started walking back to scÉhool. By the time we got there, we saw everyone outside, I checked my phone and it was 11:45. We skipped the whole mourning. I turned and looked at Izzy, "hey, I'm sorry we have to miss the mourning cause of me". "it's fine, really, I was going to skip anyway." As we walked through the field and down to campuss. We saw the rest of the crew, Ashley, Peter, Harry and Ally. We walked over to them and they all looked at us with  worried faces. "WHERE WERE YOU GUYS? YOU MISSED THE MOURNING? I WAS SO WORRIED! WHAT HAPPENED?!" Ashley practically yelled at us. I giggled and said "calm down, dont worry, we were just at the park." and pointed to the park across the field. "What happened?" ask Peter. I was about to answer but Izzy talked before I could even say a word. "Well, Krissy and I, were just talking this mourning and she told me about what happened last night when she left my house-" answered Izzy. "What happened last night?" asked Harry. I was going to say something but I was interupted AGAIN but this time, it was Harry. "Let me guess, Dave?"  He said to me raising his eyebrow. "yeah" I said quietly. "What  did he do this time?" asked Ashely. "He said if I ever snuck out again, he'll-" I hesitated. "He'll cut me" I whispered to them as a tear fell from my eye and down my cheek. They all hugged me.    


    I felt bad for  Krissy, she had to live with her abusive step-father Dave, and to make it worse, her mother died so she gets put up with Dave alone. I decided to change the subject and talk about something happy. "So, maybe we could all get together this weekend to chill?" 


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