My Dreams, My Love, My Life

Kristen was a beautiful and happy girl, she had a amazing life until her mother married a abusive man after her parents got divorced. He abused Kristen and her mother. Her mother died 3 months later caused by what Kristen was told, a car accident. Now that her mother is gone, she will her have face her dad on her own, life is very difficult for her. Kristen and her friends got together one day and decided to leave all the stress and stay in the sun house Kristen owned in a field of daisies. What are people going to think once they noticed theyy're gone? Whats her father going to say? Will she meet someone while her and her friends stay at the field of daisies?


5. Should We Go There?


    When Ashely ask us if we could all hang out this weekend, it reminded me of asking Krissy about going to the field of daisies. "Speaking of hanging out, I was just asking Krissy this mourning about going  to the field of daisies, since we haven't been there for so long and we also have alot of things going on right now, I thought it would be a good way to relax and forget about everything for a while." I said waiting for someone to reply, but everyone was silent. "I guess thats a good idea but how will we get there" Ash said breaking the silence. "I could drive" I answered. I got my sister's car after she left for college. Its a grey Volvo suv. "I'm in" said Peter with a little smirk on his face. "So am I" said Ash and Harry at the same time. "So that just leaves Kristen" I said as we all turned our heads to Krissy and looked at her with our eye brows raised. After a few secinds, a small smile appeared on her face and she said "Why not, I could use some time away from Dave". We were all excited to go to the field of daisies. I was mostly thinking about how the field of daisies would look like since I haven't been there in so long! We all decided to meet at my house on Saturday by 3:00 because we knew barely anyone wakes up at 3:00 am on a Saturday mouring and it would also be dark so we won't get cuaght leaving.


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