My Dreams, My Love, My Life

Kristen was a beautiful and happy girl, she had a amazing life until her mother married a abusive man after her parents got divorced. He abused Kristen and her mother. Her mother died 3 months later caused by what Kristen was told, a car accident. Now that her mother is gone, she will her have face her dad on her own, life is very difficult for her. Kristen and her friends got together one day and decided to leave all the stress and stay in the sun house Kristen owned in a field of daisies. What are people going to think once they noticed theyy're gone? Whats her father going to say? Will she meet someone while her and her friends stay at the field of daisies?


6. Ready? Lets GO!


The week seemed like it passed by so fast. We were all packed and they all came to my place on Friday night to put their things in my suv, well, all but Krissy. She said I needed to drive by her house just in case Dave found out she was sneaking out again. I agreed but not only cause she's my best friend but she might also have a chance of getting cut by Dave and I couldn't let Dave to that to my best friend. Ash, Harry, and Peter texted me saying their already outside so I snuck outside and got everyone in the car, I quickly started my car engine and left to get Krissy.


    I was home, thinking about that duffle bag I secretly keep at the back of my closet just in case if I needed a quick run away, I guess I finally have the chance to use it.... Do I need to add anyting else? Oh ya! I quickly and quietly ran to the bathroom trying to not wake up Dave and grabbed my brush, tooth brush, tooth paste, and my make-up bag. I quicky shoved it in my duffle bag and ran to the window to see if anyone, well if Dave was outside. Then, I heard him snoring so I was clear to go. All I had to do was wait for Izzy to comea and I wouldn't have to worry anymore. I heard my phone go off, it was a text from Izzy saying she was just outside. So I quickly grabbed my duffle bag and tossed it out my window. I then grabbed onto the tree branch that was right infront of my window and I climbed down. I grabbed my duffle bag off the ground and ran to Izzy's car. The door was already opened so all I had to do was hop in. Once I got in, everyone looked at me, "you ready?" ask Harry, I sighed "ya I'm ready" I replied. Now that we're all ready, we were on our way. I was actually excited to go back to the fieldof daisies. I haven't been there since my mom died. We took turns driving, and we made a couple stops too. It was a 5 hr drive so every hour we would make a stop to get a snack and switch seats. 

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