My Dreams, My Love, My Life

Kristen was a beautiful and happy girl, she had a amazing life until her mother married a abusive man after her parents got divorced. He abused Kristen and her mother. Her mother died 3 months later caused by what Kristen was told, a car accident. Now that her mother is gone, she will her have face her dad on her own, life is very difficult for her. Kristen and her friends got together one day and decided to leave all the stress and stay in the sun house Kristen owned in a field of daisies. What are people going to think once they noticed theyy're gone? Whats her father going to say? Will she meet someone while her and her friends stay at the field of daisies?


1. i hate my life!


      I was in my room, sitting on my bed doing homework, I looked out the window and it was pitch black. I looked at the time and it was 9:15. I heard my father- well I call him Dave becuase I dont like to consider him as my dad, so I heard Dave scream from downstairs "KRISTEN! GET DOWN HERE NOW!!", I walked down the stairs slowly and saw Dave standing in the middle of the living room, he looked angry. "what?" I asked him, "Where were you?!" he asked me trying to calm down but he was shouting in my face, "I dont know what you're talking about" I murmered but he heard me becuas he stared at me and shouted "DON'T ACT LIKE YOU DON'T KNOW WHATS GOING ON!! I KNOW YOU SNUCK OUT!!".  I refused to answer and just kept quite, he slapped me across my face  and he screamed "IF YOU EVER SNEAK OUT AGAIN I WILL CUT YOU!" and he pulled out a knife. I got so frigthened but I tried to not show it, but it didn't seem to work.

    He had a evil grin on his face and walked away. I ran up stairs to my room and tossed my books and homework off my bed and to the floor and started crying.  I wish my mom was here, but she died when I was 6, in a car accident, but atleast shes happy in heaven and not down here being abused. I started thinking about my mom and I noticed I was crying even harder. I hate my life, always have since my mom married this freak.    


    I can't believe she would sneak out! What the fuck was wrong with her? Who was she with? Who would even want to be around her? Shes such a slutty bitch! She never listens to me, I can hear her crying and I was still in the living room. But she deserved it, atleast I'm letting her live, she should be thankful but no, she never listens to me and never respects me, so I need to give her what she deserves for her fucked up behaviour. I decided to take my mind off her because thinking about her is just a waste of time, so I turned on the tv and watched family guy. I got tired so I went to my room, which was down in the basement, farthest room from Kristen's room, which was good! I hate that bitch! I went to bed and planned what I was going to do to her tomorrow when she got home from school. But I need to be careful to not kill her.... yet. All this thinking got me tired so I went to bed....

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