Forever or Never

Danielle was just a normal teenage girl until she started dating the Harry
Styles from One Direction. Before that no one really liked her. But after everyone wanted to be like her.


9. Prom.

Beep-beep- beep-beep my alarm clock started going off.

“Ugh, For real?” I said rolling over and hitting the snooze button then falling back asleep.

“Dani!” Harry yelled.

“What?” I said quickly sitting up.

“You overslept its 12:30pm.” He said getting my backpack ready for me.

“Oh crap.” I ran into my closet and came out jumping around on one foot trying to squeeze into my jeans.

“You still have to squeeze into your jeans but you’re perfect to me.” Harry sang.

“Harry! Shush up.” I said laughing at him. “Thanks Haz.” I yelled taking my backpack and running out the door.

“Wait I have to drive you!” He yelled grabbing his keys and running after me.

“Duh I’m stupid.” I laughed as I got into the passenger seat. “Now drive Styles!” We quickly drove to the school.

“Have a good day babe.” Harry said kissing me.

“Yeah.” I hopped out of the car and ran into the school.

“Hi Paula.” I said to the lady at the front desk.

“Hi Danielle, go check in with attendance.” She said not looking up from her book.

“Will do.” I yelled as I ran down the hall. “Sorry Ms. Perkins I overslept.” I told her as she wrote me a pass.

“It’s fine, Next time it’s a detention though.” She said handing it to me.

“Mhmm.” I ran to my locker and got my English books. I missed the whole day I only have English and Lunch left, but for lunch I get to leave campus and go home.

“Late again Butcher.” Mr. Baratta jokingly said as I entered the class.

“I know.” I said sitting down.

“Okay class everyone get out a piece of paper, everyone but you Danielle.” He got a piece of paper himself.

“Okay now listen carefully, I want you to take the piece of paper and crinkle it up like this.” He crinkled the paper and so did the class. “Now you’re going to throw it at Danielle.” He said throwing the paper at me. Then the whole class threw paper balls at me.

“Thanks Baratta.” I smirked. “The highlight of my day.”

“Since Ms. Butcher decided to be late she gets to pick up all of the paper.” He laughed at me.

“It’s Mrs. Styles.” I whispered starting to pick them up.

“What was that Butch?” He said doing a little dance in front of the class.

“Nothing.” I covered it up.

“She said its Mrs. Styles.” Jackie said smiling and laughing at me.

“Jackie!” I yelled throwing a ball at her.

“Oh really now.” He said stepping closer to me with an intrigued look.

“Uhm yeah.” I said throwing the last piece of paper away.

“Tell us more.” He said sitting on his desk.

“Well, we went to the park and he set up this beautiful dinner for us. Instead of bringing food the waiter brought out a little blue velvet box and he proposed.” I said blushing.

“Awwww.” The whole class said in sync.

“Yeah I know.” I said looking at the ground.

Ding-ding the bell rang.

“Good job today in class guys.” Mr. Baratta said.

“And Butch- I mean Styles don’t be late next time.” He said smiling at me.

“I won’t.” I said walking out. I went to my locker and put all my books away, grabbed my backpack and went texted Harry to come get me. I waited outside and some girls were laughing and pointing at me. I just brushed it off like it’s no big deal. Until one of them came up to me.

“You think your actually married to Harry Styles.” She laughed.

“I don’t think, I know I’m married to Harry.” I replied.

“You’re crazy.” She said in a snobby tone.

“Okay whatever.” I said giving her a dirty look. They all started laughing at me again. That was until Harry pulled up in his Audi R8 Coupe.

“C’mon babe.” Harry yelled rolling down the window.

“Exactly.” I said smirking at them. They just stood there with their mouths open wide.

“Hi Haz.” I said kissing him making sure it was as obvious as possible.

“Well you’re in a good mood today.” Harry laughed while driving off.

“I’m happy to see you.” I giggled. He placed his hand on my thigh.

“I’m happy to see you too.” He smiled. “And I can’t wait for Prom tonight.”

“Yeah that’s tonight! I can’t freaking wait!” I ran through what I had to do before tonight in my head. We got to the flat and I jumped out and ran to our room and locked the door.

“Let me in.” Harry knocked on the door.

“Not now Harry I have to get ready!” I yelled plugging in my curling iron and getting my makeup out. I finished my hair and makeup. “Now for the dress.” I put my dress on and some extra lip gloss on and started to head for the kitchen. Where I found Harry, My mom and Anne.

“Wow!” Harry said looking at me stunned. “You look amazing.” He put my corsage on me.

“Thanks Haz.” I said blushing and I put his Boutonnière on his tux. “Ready to go?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” He said taking my hand and guiding me to the car where he opened the door for me.

“Such a gentleman.” I laughed getting in.

“Here we go.” He smiled and we started for prom. We arrived at the school and harry opened the car door for me.

“Thanks Haz.” I said getting out of the car. He took me into his arms.

“Dani, lets live while we’re young.” He giggled then kissed me.

“That sounds fun.” I said kissing him back. We walked towards the school together his arm around my waist. Everything was perfect.

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