Forever or Never

Danielle was just a normal teenage girl until she started dating the Harry
Styles from One Direction. Before that no one really liked her. But after everyone wanted to be like her.


8. Mall Date.

I was shocked. I didn’t move I just stood there. I had no emotions just blank. Millions of thoughts ran through my mind. I had no idea what I would do without Harry here with me.

“Harry!” I yelled. “You think you’re gonna leave me just like that?” I asked punching him in the chest. “Why would you do that to me? You’re better than that.” Harry just stared at me. Before I knew it we were back in my room. He set me on the bed and took his shirt off, as did I. He climbed on top of me.

“I’m sorry babe” he said as he kissed me.

“It’s alright now.” I said breathing heavily.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked

“YES! NOW HARRY!” I yelled. And things got heated.

I woke up and harry was nowhere to be found. I assumed he had left even though we made up last night. Or at least I thought we did. I slowly but surely got up and headed towards the kitchen to make tea. To my surprise I found harry carrying tea towards me.

“Harry!” I screamed and ran up to him. He quickly sat the tea down and caught me in his arms. “I love you so much please don’t ever leave me.” I started crying.

“Dani, I won’t I swear.” He said kissing me.

“Good.” I said taking my cup of tea and dragging him to the couch where we cuddled up until I got a phone call.

“Hello?” I asked answering my phone.

“Hey girl, how’s everything going?” Miranda asked.

“Great thanks for asking.” I replied taking a sip of tea.

“Good now I’m picking you up in an hour to go prom dress shopping. Okay? Okay see you then bye.” She said before hanging up.

“Harry I’m going shopping with Miranda in an hour.” I yelled to harry as I jumped in the shower. I finished getting ready and I went out to the living room to wait for Miranda. When harry popped out from behind the couch and started shooting me with a nerf gun.

“Harold!” I screamed and took cover behind the kitchen table. “What’re you doing?”

“I’m just having fun.” He said with a cheeky smile.

“Well I have to go shopping with Miranda. Don’t have too much fun without me.” I said winking at him then giving him a kiss before I left.

“Hey Bitch.” Miranda said as I jumped into her car.

“Psh, Please look who’s talking.” I snapped back. We both looked at each other and laughed.

“TO THE MALL WE GO.” She yelled and we were off. When we got to the mall it was crowded as usual but today seemed different I felt something was gonna happen.

“Do you feel that?” I asked stopping in my tracks.

“What do you mean?” Miranda said looking at me.

“I feel like something I don’t know bad is gonna happen.” I said but kept walking. Just as we got to the upper level and a few stores away from where we were going a massive group of people swarmed us. I looked at Miranda and she was wide eyed.

“I guess this is what we get for dating the lads from One Direction.” I laughed.

“I guess so.” Miranda said before we were pulled out of the swarm by two large body guards.

“Harry and Niall sent us to keep you girls out of trouble.” One of them said.

“Well kudos to them.” I said walking into the store. “Where to start?” I asked Miranda running around the store looking at all of the dresses. I thought I should pick the color that Harry loved on me; Maroon. I ran to try it on and then showed Miranda.

“How do I look?” I said staring at her. Her face was blank.

“Holy Shit, your gorgeous.” She said smiling big. “But are you sure that size is gonna fit in a day?” She joked.

“Yeah it’s not like I’m gonna be huge in a week.” I said smoothing out the dress. We finished up Miranda got this really pretty blue dress that Niall would love. We started back for Harry and mines flat. She dropped me off and I ran inside.

“Harry I’m home babe.” I yelled shutting the door and putting my purse on the counter.

“You’re home!” Harry squealed hugging me and kissing me.

“Well you’re excited.” I said kissing him again.

“I missed you terribly.” He said picking me up and carrying me to the couch. “Now it’s Harry time.” He popped in Titanic.

“Harry.” I said looking at him innocently.

“I know this is your favorite movie. That’s why I picked it.” He said popping a squat and cuddling up next to me. As the movie went on I cried as usual and harry held me closer.

“I love you.” I said looking at harry.

“I know. I love you too.” He said.

“Harry you don’t understand. I love you! I’ve never felt like this before.”

“Dani.” He said looking into the kitchen. “I love you more than you can ever imagine. I also have never felt like this before.” He kissed me softly.

“Forever?” I asked

“Forever.” He replied. We finished watching the movie by the time it ended it was 10:30pm.

“I have school tomorrow.” I said slumping to our room.

“Time for you to go to bed then.” He said jumping on the bed. “That goes for me as well.” He said patting the spot next to him. “C’mon c’mon move a little closer now. C’mon c’mon aim the way you’re walking now.” He sang ask I smirked at him and laid next to him.

“Goodnight babe.” He said snuggling up with me.

“Goodnight Haz.” I said moving closer.

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