Forever or Never

Danielle was just a normal teenage girl until she started dating the Harry
Styles from One Direction. Before that no one really liked her. But after everyone wanted to be like her.


1. Just Forget It.


“Danielle, get back here!” Harry yelled as tears streamed down his face. “Why are you leaving? I didn’t kiss her she kissed me!”

“Then why didn’t you push her away? Huh. Why did you insist it was an accident? Harry I thought you loved me.” I screamed back as I fell to the floor sobbing.

“Danielle!” Harry screamed at the top of his lungs as he ran over to catch me. “I love you so much Danielle, and don’t you ever forget that.” As I gazed into his big green eyes I knew he wasn’t lying. He picked me up and carried my back to his car.

“Harry, I’m sorry for acting like that. I know now that you didn’t mean to kiss Maddy.” I apologized as we both hopped into the car. Maddy had been my best friend sense we were 13 and I have no idea how she could betray me like this. I knew that she was in love with Liam but she went off and kissed my boyfriend; Harry.

“Hello?” Maddy said as she answered the phone.

“Uh, yeah hey it’s Dani. I have a GIANT question for you.” I replied.

“Oh, Hey Dani, Yeah what’s your question?” she replied.

 “So this afternoon I met up with Harry. And he told me that YOU kissed him. Is this true?” I asked in anger.

 “Dani, I am so sorry.” She said quickly.

“I thought you were my best friend. Never talk to me again!” I shouted as I hung up the phone. I threw my phone across the room at the door. As it made contact with it the door swung open. To my surprise it was Harry standing there with flowers. I ran up to him and gave him a HUGE hug and a kiss.

“For you my love.” Harry said in his irresistible voice. I went into the kitchen to get a vase and when I got back harry was sitting in my bed with the remote in his hand. I hurried and got my PJ’s on and jumped into the spot right next to him.

“Maddy told me she kissed you.” I said in a shy sad tone.

 “Dani, can we just drop it? I love you not her.” He asked as he kissed me on the neck. As I drifted to sleep I hear Harry’s phone go off.  “Hello? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know! I love her, a lot it’s just there’s no way to make it easy.” He whispered so he wouldn’t wake me. I’m so confused; I thought to myself.

“Is he going to break up with me?”  My last thoughts before I drifted to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and Harry was nowhere to be found. I decided to go into the kitchen and make breakfast. I sat down and turned the T.V on, Breaking News scrolled across the Screen. Then the news reporter started talking “A serious car crash has happened on highway 232, the lives of all the people in the crash are in critical condition. The people included in the crash are 18 year old Harry Styles, 19 year old Liam Payne and 20 year old Louis Tomlinson. My heart stops and a knot began to swell up in my throat. I tried not to cry as I run to my room to get my phone. I don’t have my license so I call up my best friend Bri.

“Bri, don’t worry just hurry get in your car and get to my house now. Don’t ask why just do it. I’ll explain everything when you get here.”  I said in a panicked tone.

 “Dani, calm down I’m on my way now.” She replied.  Before I knew it she was in my driveway honking the horn. I ran out to the car and hopped in. As soon as I buckled up I burst into tears.

“Dani, what’s wrong?” Bri asked slightly confused.

“It’s Harry, he and the boys have gotten into a car crash and its really serious.” I finally stammered out. 

“What about Louis and Liam?” She said concerned. “Them too.” I burst out.

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