Forever or Never

Danielle was just a normal teenage girl until she started dating the Harry
Styles from One Direction. Before that no one really liked her. But after everyone wanted to be like her.


3. Its just a party.

Before we knew it Harry was out of his neck brace and casts and our lives were as normal as before. The only difference was that we haven’t heard from Liam in weeks and we needed to contact him so the boys could meet up and go to the recording studio for their 3nd album. I thought that Liam’s phone might’ve broken from the accident. So I took the chance and called Maddy.

“Hello?” Maddy asked when she picked up.

“Hey, Maddy it’s Danielle. Is uh Liam okay? He hasn’t answered any of the boy’s phone calls.” I asked with caution thinking that she might hang up on me from our last phone call.

“Uh, yeah he’s doing fine his phone broke in the accident so he had to get a new one. Here’s his new one; 888-888-8888.” she said with a sad tone.

“Kay thanks Maddy. Have a great day, Bye.” I quickly said and hung up the phone as I ran up to Harry and sat on his lap.

“Hey, babe.” Harry said kissing me on the cheek.

“I’ve got Liam’s new phone number! Give him a call and work out a time where the band could meet up to record your album.

“Thanks, beautiful!” Harry exclaimed as he picked me up, walked to my room and threw me on my bed.

I rolled over and looked at the celling where I found pictures of Harry and me. I put the collage together when he was in the hospital. Harry walked back into the room and lay right next to me.

“The boys and I are meeting up with each other at the recording studio tomorrow.” He said.

“Oh, Okay. I uh I’ll call Miranda and see if she wants to come over.” I said and I could tell that he knew I was uncomfortable.

“Dani!” Harry said throwing himself on top of me. “Did you know that Niall is dating Miranda?”

“What? He is! Why didn’t she tell me?” I asked him while I played with his curls.

“I think she got her phone taken away.” He answered as he jumped off the bed pretending to be superman.

“Harry, what the hell are you doing?” Get back here!” I yelled as I chased after him.

I slowly crept around the house looking for him, but I couldn’t find him.

“Harry? Where are you?” I said in a cute way as if I was playing with a baby.

“Right here!” He yelled as he grabbed me from behind, swung me around and kissed me.

“Harry! I laughed then looked up at him.

My hair slightly fell in front of my face. He pushed it behind my ear and looked into my eyes.

“You’re beautiful you know that?” He asked as if I was supposed to say no so he could give me all the reasons why.

“Yeah, you’ve told me that before.” I said with a huge smile.

Beep-beep, Harry’s watch started going off.

“What time is it.?” I asked him,

“It’s 3:30, Oh! I forgot uh we have to go to my mum’s house.” Harry said grabbing my hand and rushing to his car.

“Harry! Why are you in such a hurry?” I asked aggravated at how fast he was going.

“JUST DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT!” Harry yapped back.

“FINE!  Geez Harry you don’t have to be so mean.” I yelled back slouching into my seat pouting.

The rest of the ride there was quiet and awkward. When we finally arrived at Harry’s mum’s house Harry ran to my door and opened it.

“Ladies first my dear.” He said as I looked at him suspiciously.

“Oh so now you’re going to be nice to me?” I stammered back as he shut the door behind me.

“Dani!” He yelled pulling me back. “I’m sorry! It’s just I had to be here at 3:30. And we’re late but it’s fine. He said then kissed me. He held my hand as we walked up to his mum’s house and he fumbled in his pockets for the key. He unlocked the door and we walked into a room full of people.

“Harry!” I whispered resisting walking any more.

“Dani, what’re you doing, c’mon.” he said pulling me forward making me walk.

“What’s going on? I’m so confused.” I said following him cautiously.

“It’s just one of Gemma’s party’s.” he said laughing leading me to his room.

When we got to his room I sat on his bed while he fumbled through his closet looking for something. When out of the blue something hit me in the face.

“What the hell was that for?” I asked trying not to laugh.

“Put it on.” He shouted then running to the bathroom with something in his hand.

“Well okay then Mr. Bossy pants”. I whispered to myself.

“Hey I heard that!” Harry said from the bathroom.

I looked down at what Harry had thrown at me to find it was my bathing suit. I put it on like he said to do then walked up to the bathroom door and knocked.

“Harry you done yet?” I asked.

“Yup!” He said opening the door. We walked back to his room and we snuck out the window so no one would see us leaving. To my surprise when we got to the pool all the boys were there with their girlfriends, all of them but Zayn and Jackie.

“Harry, where’s Zayn?” I asked before he jumped in to pool.

“Oh he had to go and pick up Jackie. He’ll be here soon.” He said while dunking Louis under the water.

“Danielle!” screamed Miranda and Bri as they ran over to hug me.

“Hey guys, how’s everything going with Louis and Niall?” I asked hugging each of them.

“Great!” they both said while pulling me to 3 tanning chairs.

“So?” Bri said with a wide smile.

“So what? Why are you guys acting weird?” I asked and gave them both a strange look.

“Why are you and Maddy fighting?” Miranda asked me scooting closer.

“Okay here’s the story, Jackie was having a party and Harry asked me to come over but I couldn’t because I studying for finals. Louis, Niall and Liam couldn’t go so it was Zayn and Harry. Everyone wanted to play spin the bottle so they did. Maddy spun the bottle and it landed on Harry. He rejected but Maddy kissed him anyway. And that’s why we’re fighting.” I said looking down at my hands.

When all of the sudden I was lifted off my chair and thrown into the pool. I look up and I see Harry and Niall standing there laughing at me. I got out of the pool soaking wet went up behind Niall and gave him a huge hug.

“How you like that Niall?” I said with a little wink.

“And Harold, you did NOT just go there!” I yelled as I chased him.

“You’ll never catch me!” Harry teased running around.

“Yes I will you just watch me!” I screamed before I was swept off my feet.

“Hey Dani.” Zayn said as he carried me to the tanning chairs.

“Zayn! How’ve you been?” I asked with a wide smile.

“Just dandy, and you?” he asked

“I’m great thanks for asking.” I replied as I walked up to Harry and pushed him in the pool.

Hours passed of everyone having fun in the pool. Everyone had left from the party except the drunks passed out on the floor. Harry had invited me to spend the night so we went back to his room and watched movies for the rest of the night.  

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