Forever or Never

Danielle was just a normal teenage girl until she started dating the Harry
Styles from One Direction. Before that no one really liked her. But after everyone wanted to be like her.


6. How could it get worse?

“PREGNANT? WHAT DO YOU MEAN PREGNANT?” I yelled at Miranda who was holding a positive pregnancy test in her hand. “Oh god how am I gonna tell harry? What if he flips out? What if he leaves? Is he ready for a kid? Am I ready for a kid? Im not, Oh god what am I gonna do?” I paced across the room yelling at myself.

“DANI, Calm down like for real. You’re gonna be fine Harry’s gonna be fine it’s all okay.” Miranda said taking my hand in hers.

“Oh god Harry, he’s gonna be home soon. How am I gonna tell him?” I said slumping onto my bed.

“Knock Knock.” Harry said as he knocked on the door.

“OH SHIT.” Miranda yelled and through the test into the bathroom.

“Hey Harry.” We both said in sync with cheesy smiles on our faces.

“Uhm, okay what’s up guys your acting really weird.” He said sitting down right next to me.

“Harry.” I said turning to him and taking his hands and intertwining mine with his. “Uhm I don’t know how to say this. But uhm.”

“Oh shit.” He whispered and his eyes got really big. “Don’t tell me you’re pregnant.”

“Erm I am.” I said looking at our hands and starting to cry.

“Damn it.” He said standing up then looking at me just then realizing I was crying. “Oh baby its okay. I’m here for you. I didn’t mean to sound like I didn’t want the baby, I do. And most importantly I want to be here with you and the baby.” He said giving me a big hug.

“Harry, I truly love you.” I said with my head in his neck.

“Now let’s go and talk about all of this.” Harry said taking my hands.

“Okay, Cool I’ll just go home.” Miranda said leaving.

“So how should we tell the lads?” Harry says sitting on my bed.

“Uhm I think we should go out for dinner and meet them there.” I said lying next to him.

“Good idea babe.” He said kissing my forehead. “What are we gonna name him/her.” He asked putting his hand on my stomach.

“Hmm, I’m thinking Wesley James for a boy and you pick the girls name.” I said looking at his eyes as he looked at my stomach.

“Darcy Anne.” He said looking at me.

“Perfect.” I giggled and then kissed him.

He deepened the kiss. He kissed me harder and longer. He slowly started taking his shirt off. “I love you.” He said in-between kisses. He started to remove my top but I interrupted him.

“Harry!” I yelled and stopped him. “We can’t.”

“Why not?” He said still on top of me.

“I just, I don’t know.” I said turning my head and looking at the wall.

“Okay babe.” He said getting off of me, putting his shirt back on and going to the kitchen.

“Great, I made him mad.” I said getting up and heading to my mirror so I could put my hair up. “This is just great.” I whispered while putting my hair up but failing cause the hair tie broke. “Damn it!” I yelled throwing my brush at the door. Just as I sank to the floor crying Harry barged in.

“Babe?” his voice terrified.

“What!” I screamed still crying.

“What’s wrong love?” He said in a calming tone.

“Everything, nothings right.” I said covering my face embarrassed.

“Dani, everything’s going to be alright.” He said sitting down and cuddling up next to me.

“How do you know Harry? Prom is in a week, I’m pregnant, and we have to plan our wedding. That’s too much to handle right now. Considering I’m only 15.” I managed to say.

“It’s fine Dani we can wait to have the wedding, Prom is in a week and I can’t wait to spend that night with your wonderful self, and the whole baby thing it’s all going to be fine I’m here for you, the lads are here for you, everyone is here for you.” He said kissing my head.

“Are you sure?” I said looking into his eyes.

“Positive.” He brought me closer to him.

“I love you Harry.” I whispered closing my eyes.

“I love you too Dani.” He said picking me up and taking me to the bed. “Now it’s been a long day you need some sleep.” He covered me up and kissed me goodnight.

“Night babe.” He said turning the lights off.

“Goodnight Haz.” I replied before drifting to sleep.

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