More Than This

When Maddies cousin Harry Styles comes in from England he brings his lads. Little did Maddies friends know that they were coming. Lela,Maddie, and Cyndi come to find a shocking piece of information. Read this book about Maddie and her three friends that find out this schoccking news.


2. The Talk!!!!

We finally sat down and talked about the interview.Never in a million years would I think some one such as Liam Payne would like me. "So, the other day me,Lela, and Cyndi were watching a re-run of one of your interviews," I said. "Yeah, and," Louis added. "Louis you said you liked me," Lela said.    "Uh ,I did," Louis asked, blushing like crazy. " Uh, yeah, don't hide your un dying love for me Louis, I know now the secrets out," Lela said with pride. "Louis your not the only one who said you liked someone," Cyndi said." Who else who else," Liam asked? "I wouldn't be asking Liam, it was you," I said. "Oh," he replied. "Well then, who do I like," Liam asked? "You  said you liked Maddie," Lela replied. I blushed and looked at him. Liam blushed to and we both looked at each other. Liam asked if he could talk to me in private. Him and I stepped into the spare room." About that all that," Liam said. I cut him of,"It's fine," I replied." So will you go out with me," Liam asked? "Sure," I replied nonchanatley. "Yes," Liam yelled joyfully!!!! "What," everyone ran into the room, panincing. "Oh, sorry to alarm you guys," Liam said hugging me. "Then why did you yell Liam," Zayn asked? "Oh were going out now," I replied. "Oh, thats it well lets get back to the living room," Niall suggested. "Ok," we all decided. The next day we all got up and had coffee, eggs, toast,sausage, and bacon. " Hey guys, how about  after this we all go to the go kart place," Niall suggested. "Fine, but I have to warn you, I may be a clutz on my feet but I'm speedracer on the track," I said. " No your not going to win," said Lela." Oh yeah well, I wouldn't talking Mrs. Clutzy, you just broke your foot a week a go and it just healed you could risk serious again," Louis said. " Well your right, but if we put money on this bet I will be willing to risk it," Lela said. "Do you really want to do that, the doctor told you to take it easy and try to stay of it," Cyndi said. " Fine, but I would've had a really good chance at winning that bet, and maybe a little cash," Lela replied angrly!!

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