More Than This

When Maddies cousin Harry Styles comes in from England he brings his lads. Little did Maddies friends know that they were coming. Lela,Maddie, and Cyndi come to find a shocking piece of information. Read this book about Maddie and her three friends that find out this schoccking news.


5. The surgery!!!!

" Really, do i have to," Lela asked? " If you want to still play soccer than yes you need to have it done," "We've seen worse than your foot," she said. " Really this can get worse," Lela asked the doctor. " Yeah, parents are really bad about this just because they know whats going to happen to there foot," said the doctor. " When will the surgery take place ," I asked the doctor? " Today or tomorrow," the doctor asked us. " Can you go out of the room for a minute so I we can talk," Lela asked the doctor? " Of course, take all the time you need," the doctor replied. "Thankyou," I added. " Liam what do you think," Lela asked Liam." I don't know it's your call your the one having it done on your foot," Liam replied. "Liam's right, so what do you want to happen, today or tomorrow," Louis asked? " Let's do it today," Lela said. She looked really saddend and dipressed. LiAM walked out to get the doctor. FInally the doctor came in. "Do you guys have any questions," the doctor asked? " Yeah, how long will it take for her to recover," Liam asked? " Dependinmg on how the surgery goes," the doctor replied. " Okay, well if thats it I'm gonna get her ready for the surgery," the doctor replied. The doctor wheeled her out of the room so she could prep her for the surgery.

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