More Than This

When Maddies cousin Harry Styles comes in from England he brings his lads. Little did Maddies friends know that they were coming. Lela,Maddie, and Cyndi come to find a shocking piece of information. Read this book about Maddie and her three friends that find out this schoccking news.


8. On The Way To Recovery!!!!

Lela's pevo: I am on my way to quick recovery. My foot feels better already but the doctor says i still cant play soccer. I am really bummed about that though because soccer is like my life. " Okay lets start by running the whole soccer field," Harry said. " Do I have too," I asked. " Do you want to recover or not," Niall asked? " Yes, I just didn't think that it would be this much work," I replied. " Ready, set, go," Liam yelled. I was limping at first but after I was like half way around the field I got the hang of things. I bet tomorrow  I will still be like this. I don't even have my boot off yet i get it off tomorrow. The next day we went to the doctor and i got my boot off. " It kinds hurts too walk," I told the doctor." thats normal," she replied. " Why," I asked, cationsly  stepping on my foot. " Your foot isn't used to the ground yet and it will take about six months too fully recover from your injuries. First you sprain it sevearly now you broke it right after." the doctor said, " You all have too be very careful with her foot and what ur doing with her," the doctor reminded us. We finally left the doctor's office and went to go grab some subway. After, we went back to Maddie's and Niall ate again. "Do you want to me to prop up your foot love," asked Louis. " No I'm good ," I answered. Louis kissed me on the lips and went to go get my dinner. He must feel really bad about him ruining my career as a soccer player for the rest of my life. It's no big deal though.( sarcasm) I'm not mad at him though it wasn't on purpose.

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