More Than This

When Maddies cousin Harry Styles comes in from England he brings his lads. Little did Maddies friends know that they were coming. Lela,Maddie, and Cyndi come to find a shocking piece of information. Read this book about Maddie and her three friends that find out this schoccking news.


4. MARRIED!!!!

"What," we all yelled at once. Suprised at this news, our mouths were opened. " Do  you know what this means Harry," Lela asked Harry? " Uh, no," Harry answered. " You to are to get married soon,isn't your mom going to kill you," I swoopped in to explain the situation.  Harry's pevo: What I didn't think that this means I was supposed to marry her, I thought to myself as I paced the room. " Why Harry, why, what are you going to do next," Maddie asked me? She looked so worried. Why were they always so worried. She's gonna get sick if she dosen't calm down." You guys really need to calm down," Cyndi said." Why should we calm down. You to might be getting married soon," Maddie practically screamed into my ear. Cyndi tackled Maddie and pinned her down on the floor. She was practically screaming at the top of her lungs now telling all of us to calm down."Why," I said, repeating what Maddie had said. I asked Maddie if I could talk to her  in the bedroom for a minute. " Sure," she answered. " I really must stupid,"I yelled. " Wow, your just now realizing this,"Maddie said.  Me and Maddie heard some screaming in the living room. Maddie's pevo: Harry and I ran into the living room to find Zayn and  Louis holding Lela down so she wouldn't attack Cyndi. Niall and Liam were holding back Cyndi so she wouldn't hurt Lela. " Stop both of you," I said. Wow those two could really go at it. All of a sudden i heard Zayn scream because Lela had hit his hair and messed it up. He lossened his grip on Lela and Lela got free from Louis's grasp. She went after Cyndi. Once Cyndi got free she stepped on Lela's foot and she was on the floor screaming and crying. Louis was right there by her side. They took Lela to the hospital while the rest of us waited back at the house. Louis's pevo: She really looks like she's in some serious pain. "Liam, How much longer till we ,reach the hospital," I asked."We're hear,"Liam replied. " Hurry , get her out of the car and into the building." I said, panicing. Once we got into the hospital, we got Lela into a room to see her doctor. The doctor finally walked into the room." We're going to take some x-rays of her foot," the doctor said. " Okay, judging on how it looks will she need any surgery," I asked the doctor looking worried." Possibly if she wants to play soccer ever again," the doctor repled. " Thankyou doctor," I thanked the doctor as she walked out the door. They came back with the x-rays to reveal what had happened to her foot. " It looks like she broke it, how did this happen," the doctor asked. " Well me and my friend were messin aroung when she stomped on my foot a little to hard," Lela replied so nicely put you knew she was in pain. "Well it looks like she will be needing some surgery, it's pretty severe this time, she will not be able to kick a ball for another year or so, I'm sorry but if she wants to ever ever finish out her soccer career strong and healthy and play again she will need this surgery done on her foot," the doctor said in a really sad tone.




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