More Than This

When Maddies cousin Harry Styles comes in from England he brings his lads. Little did Maddies friends know that they were coming. Lela,Maddie, and Cyndi come to find a shocking piece of information. Read this book about Maddie and her three friends that find out this schoccking news.


1. Happy Birthday!!!!

I finally woke up at 10:00 to my cousin, Harry Styles, singing More Than This. His lads Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam were right by my bedside. " Goodmorning love" Liam said. " Goodmorning", I replied in a grogy voice. Harry came over and hugged me tight, he said" Happy Birthday." We all went downstairs to have my birthday breakfest. I was turning 18. I was so glad I was finally 18. I started to wonder how all of a sudden my moms cooking became so good. It normally sucks. Then Niall said Harry helped my mom. Finally my phone rang. It was my best friends Lela and Cyndi. "Hey happy birthday," they screamed. "Thanks," I said. "You guys wanna come over," I asked? "Sure," they said. "See ya in a few," I replied. They finally got to my about an hour later and Cyndi and Harry start making out. " Since when have you too been dating," I asked grossed out? " We've been dating for about a year now," Cyndi said. " What, when were u guys going to tell us," me and Lela asked? " We were hoping you guys would all figure it out," Harry responded. " I didn't see that coming," said Niall, shocked."Okay, well lets go to my room now," I said, also shocked. We got to my room and we all sat on the bed and turned on the tv to find a re-run interview playing for One Direction on E News. They were asking all the boys if there anyone special. Louis and Liam said yes. Louis said he liked Lela and Liam said he liked me. That was a real nice thing to findout that guys from One Direction like me. I didn't ever expect for guys like them to like a girl like me. With my hair nicely curled and in a dress I walked downstairs so we could all go to my birthday dinner at Olive Garden. We finally got to Olive Garden and everone ordered we ate and left."I'm still hungry," Niall said. "Still," we all asked. We all got into the car and Harry drove us to rags to riches. I had to get a dress for my party. Me,Lela, and Cyndi all had to find a dress. I really wanted a pink sparkly dress. Lela wanted a teal dress with sparkles. Finally Cyndi wanted a lime green dress with sparkles on it. after we found our dresses, payed for them and left. We went back to my house and talked to the boys about the interview.

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