In Love with my Bestfriend(Niall Horan)

Kaylee and Niall have been bestfriends since birth. Neither of them know that the other is inlove with the other. What happens when she goes on tour with One Direction? Will there be drama. Or maybe even love?


3. Chapter 3

Kaylee's POV

When Niall and I got downstairs everyone was arguing. "Everyone SHUT UP!" we yelled at the same time. Everyone stopped and looked at us. "What are you guys fighting about?!" I questioned. Liam was the first to answer, "I want to watch Toy Story." then Harry and Angel, "And we want to watch Harry Potter." and last, but not least Zayn and Louis, "And we want to watch anything, BUT those movies." I shook my head and laughed a bit and looked at Niall who was face-palming. "Alright well looks like we have to decide for you..." Niall started turning to look at me. "What do you want to watch? he asked me. "Harry Potter, because Zayn and Lou don't even have a movie picked out and I watched Toy story last night. Plus it's the bestest movie ever!!" Niall thought for a second, "Alright Harry Potter it is!" Harry, Angel, and I all cheered. I was kind of curious of why Niall Had chosen Harry Potter because last time we watched it he told me he didn't like it. I smiled a little at the thought of him picking that movie just because I wanted to watch it. I jumped on the couch while Angel put in the movie Niall and Harry came and sat by me. Harry was looking at Angel's ass and biting his lip. I smacked his arm and he looked at me "Ouch, what was that for?" He asked hurt. "For staring at Angel's ass!" I whisper shouted to him. He turned red and looked away. Angel came and sat next to him and laid her head on his shoulder and put one of his hands on his leg. I'm not gonna deny it, I'm jealous of their relationship. I mean I haven't ever kissed anyone for pete's sake! I've always wanted Niall to be my first kiss wich is why I was nervous earlier. One of these day I'm just gonna kiss him. Get it out of the way ;)

Sorry It's short! I kinda forgot about it after I go my laptop taken away xP But I'm back and plan updatinf much more often :D

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