In Love with my Bestfriend(Niall Horan)

Kaylee and Niall have been bestfriends since birth. Neither of them know that the other is inlove with the other. What happens when she goes on tour with One Direction? Will there be drama. Or maybe even love?


2. Chapter 2

Kaylee's POV

We were laughing and yelling out lyrics. Angel and I sung to the people next to us while Niall just laughed. We were trying to find a station that had a good song playing but we couldn't! All the songs were either over played or straight up weird. So I went into my bag and got out my Nevershoutnever CD. I put it on CheaterCheaterBestfriendEater. And started singing along. "'CAUSE EVEN AFTER 3 TEXT MESSAGES 4 MISSED CALLS YOU STILL...SLEPT WITH MY BESTFRIEND!!" Angel and I sang/screamed together. By the time the song was over we pulled up to Niall's house. I grabbed my backpack from under my feet and ran to the front door hoping it would be unlocked. YES!!  It was. "HONEY I'M HOME!!" I yelled as soon as I walked in. I heard my name and then feet pounding down the stairs. The boys made it to the bottom of the stairs. "KAYLEE!!" Louis yelled. "LOUIS!!!" He came and gave me a hug. I hugged the rest of the boys and turned around to see Niall and Angel trying to get all our stuff. "I should probably help them." I said while walking outside. "Angel go in. The boys want to see you." "Okay" She said skipping off into the house with her bags. So Niall and I were just standing there. When she opened the door we heard a chours of "ANGEL!", a scream, and a thud. I laughed thinking that they had tackled her. I looked over at Niall and noticed he was already looking at me. "Hi" He said like a whisper but louder. I laughed a little before responding. "Hi" I replied. My voice the same level as his. I started blushing thinking about what happened when we fell down my stairs. I looked anywhere but Niall at this point. I was scared to look at him knowing I would blush more. After a few seconds of silence Niall cleared his throat and spoke. "We should probably go inside." "Yah we should." I picked up my backpack and went to walk inside when Niall grabbed my arm. "We should talk...about earlier." He spoke in such a quiet tone I barely heard him. "Yah okay" I said smiling at him. He returned the smile and we walked inside. Harry and Angel sat on the couch flirting while Louis talked to Eleanor, Zayn to Perrie, and Liam to Danielle. Niall and I made our way upstairs and to his room. We sat down on his bed in silence for atleast 5 minutes. Neither of us looking or talking to the other. "I'm sorry." He told me. "For what?" "Almost kissing you." My heart almost broke hearing that. He was sorry. Of course he wouldn't want to kiss you you're his BESTFRIEND!! How could I even think that?! I teared up a little bit but held them back. I wasn't going to let him see me cry. "'s's fine we just got caught up in the moment I guess.". I looked at him and gave him a half-hearted smile. He smiled back but it wasn't a real smile. It looked forced almost. I cleared my throat. "So uhm where will I be sleeping tonight? Living room?" He laughed a little and look at me like I was crazy. "What the hell do you mean? You'll be staying in here ofcourse!" I smiled a little thinking about sleeping and waking up next to him. "We'll also be sharing bunks on the bus and rooms at hotels." He informed me sending a smile my way,wich I gladly returned. "You know what that means?" I said giving him a creepy smirk. He shot the same smirk back at me. "ALL NIGHTERS!!!!" We yelled in unison. We both laughed and decided to go downstairs with everyone else.
Niall's POV

"I'm sorry." I said with out even thinking about it. It just flew out of my mouth and I regreted it. "For what?" She asked sounding almost scared to hear the answer, but I knew she didn't love me the way I did her. "For almost kissing you." I whispered. Her face fell and I could see the hurt in her eyes. Maybe she does like me. Ugh! I ruin everything! "'s's fine we just got caught up in the moment I guess." Hearing her voice crack really made me want to take it back! She gave me a smile but it wasn't real it was half-hearted. I had to force my self to smile back. "So uhm where will I be sleeping tonight? Living room?" She questioned. I laughed and looked at her like she was crazy. "What the hell do you mean? You'll be sleeping in here of course!" I said smiling."We'll also be sharing a bunk on the bus and rooms at the hotels." Ever since I found out the sleeping arrangements I've been excited thinking about waking up next to her every morning. She smiled and I smiled back. "You know what that means?" She asked giving me her creeper smile ,as I called it, so I shot it right back at her. "ALLNIGHTERS!!!!" We yelled at the same time. We laughed then headed down stairs with everyone else. I have a feeling this is going to be a great tour.

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