In Love with my Bestfriend(Niall Horan)

Kaylee and Niall have been bestfriends since birth. Neither of them know that the other is inlove with the other. What happens when she goes on tour with One Direction? Will there be drama. Or maybe even love?


1. Chapter 1

Kaylee's POV

I woke up at 8:30 remembering that Niall was coming at 11 and I still hadn't packed. What I'm a procrastinator! My crush Niall Horan was taking me and our other bestfriend,Angel, on tour with him and the rest of One Direction!! I went into my bathroom nd jumped when i looked in my mirror. My hair was going off in different directions and I had raccoon eyes. I stripped down and got in the shower doing what I needed to do. When I got out. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 9 00...yah i take kinda long showers
. I changed into my 'Kiss me I'm Irish' tank-top ,it wasn't a lie I am Irish but mainly I wore it as a hint to Niall ;), and a pair of shorts. When I was done getting ready and packing it was 10 30. I decided to watch the telly. I turned on spongebob and watched that. 

~30 minutes later~

Another episode was starting when someone plopped down on my back causing me to make an oof sound. Out of the corner of my eye I saw blonde/brown hair and automatically knew it was him. "Niall!" "Kaylee!" We laughed and got up off my bed. He eyed my outfit and raised an eyebrow. "What?" I asked. He just shook his head and laughed. "Okay are you ready?" He asked. "Why jess....jess I am! Race you down the stairs!" I ran off and was winning til I got to the last step and tripped and fell causing Niall to trip over me. Some how we ended up face to face on the floor. "Hi." He whispered "Hi."I responded giggling. We laid there for a minute looking at eachother when he started leaning in. My breath caught in my throat and my heart rate was going 10x faster than it should.I had been in love with him since I was 13 and he was 14, and here we are 18 and 19 and I still love him. Our faces were centimeters apart when we heard a door close upstairs. He jumped up and pulled me up with him. "What's going on guys?" asked my sister, Shea, with a smirk on her face. "Nothing we were just leaving. Love you! I'll skype you." My mom was at work so I said bye to her last night. Niall and I hopped into his car. The drive to Angel's was silent aside from the radio. We stopped in front of her house and honked the horn. I looked over at her and laughed when I saw her. She was wearing a tank-top that said "Kiss me, I'm not Irish, but I'm cute" and the same pair of shorts as me (we have a lot of matching stuff
. Niall looked at her and cracked up. Angel got in the car. "Why are you laughing?" "We are almost matching!" I told her. she looked at my outfit and laughed. We drove to the Niall's place,since the boys were staying out here, belting out song lyrics.

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