1D imagine book!

Ok so just comment your name and the boy you want to be in your imagine and I will get to it asap!! It can be long,short, sad,sweet,scary etc! You will just have to see how it turns out.


4. Tonia and Harry

HARRY STOP THAT TICKLES!! You say gasping for air, as your best friend harry tickles your waist.

He continues to tickle you!! Finally, he stops. You two just stare at each other. Then he kisses you. You are shocked because he is your best guy friend.

"Sorry..." he says.

"OH.... um no its fine.." you say getting up from the couch.

You run upstairs and grab a nerf gun and a pillow and run down stairs. Right when you see harry you throw the pillow at his face and start shooting him with the nerf gun.

"PAYBACK!!" you scream.

You two just spend the rest of that Friday night playing pranks and laughing. And cuddling ;)!!

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