1D imagine book!

Ok so just comment your name and the boy you want to be in your imagine and I will get to it asap!! It can be long,short, sad,sweet,scary etc! You will just have to see how it turns out.


6. Olga and Zayn.

"There he is!!" You say pointing out to your friend, this tall boy with black hair walking down the hall.

"That's Zayn! The cute mysterious guy from my Maths class." You say.

You have had a crush on this guy ever since he moved into your class 2 weeks ago. You have been talking about him non stop, dreaming about him, and doodling his name every were.

The bell rings and you immediately rush toward the hallway Zayn is going to. You have what seems like 300 butterflies in your stomach. Next was Math class....

You have wanted to say something to him for so long but feel like you cant speek when its the right moment. But no! Today is the day you ill talk to him.

"Your in my math class....right?" You say not realizing he has earbuds in. 

Just then a kid runs right past you and knocks you down to the ground by accident. You face plant into the ground and your books fall everywhere. People stare. But of course..... this is when Zayn notices you. He rushes to your side and helps you pick up your books and helps you get up.

"Are you okay??" Asks Zayn.

"Oh... im fine." You say quietly.

"Im Zayn." He says.

"Im olga.." You say with an embarrassed smile.

"....Hey.... want to go get a coffee sometime?" Zayn asks.

You literally are about to throw up you are so happy.

"SURE!" You say accidentally shouting.

You and Zayn walk next to each other talking the rest of the way to Math. There is defiantly a spark between you two. 

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