1D imagine book!

Ok so just comment your name and the boy you want to be in your imagine and I will get to it asap!! It can be long,short, sad,sweet,scary etc! You will just have to see how it turns out.


1. Madie And Louis


You have been waiting for your boyfriend Louis to come back to the store for hours! The thing is the store was right around the corner, so he shouldnt be takeing 2 hours! You decide to go upstairs to your room and just mess around. You put hpur hair into acute high ponytail and put on red pj shorts with pink and white hearts. Then you just put a white tank top on. but dont forget your fuzy socks that you cant live without. 30 minute later you heat somthing down stairs.

"Hello..... Lou?" you say right outside your door.

Louis runs up the stairs and turns the  corner to were you are standing.

"Hey babe." Louis says.

"MY GOD LOU!! Where have you been!! I was getting worried." you tell him

He walks over to you and kisses your forehead.

"Close your eyes." He says.

"Why.." you say closeing your eyes.

"I have a suprise." he whispers.

He picks you up bridal style.

You giggle and hold on tight.

He carrys you down the stairs. You smell a sweet vanilla smell. He then puts you down and turns you to were you think you are faceing the family room.

"Ok open!" he says

You slowley open your eyes to see heart balloons floating all around the room. Candles are lit all over the place and the lights are dimmed. On the tabel you see your favorite chinese food and a glass of wine. You turn around an look at louis. To your suprise he isnt the only one there. He is holding a tiney white furry dog.

"Her name is lilly." he tells you.

You calmly grab the tiney adorable dog.

"Happy 10 month anniversary he says and gives you a big kiss on the lips.

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