1D imagine book!

Ok so just comment your name and the boy you want to be in your imagine and I will get to it asap!! It can be long,short, sad,sweet,scary etc! You will just have to see how it turns out.


2. Kalley And Niall

"Come on!! It will be fun!" You tell your boyfriend Niall.

You guys were at an amusment park and you wanted to go on a roller coaster. Niall was never to fond of roller coasters.

"But we just ate..." said Niall

"COME ON BABE! You will be fine." you whine.

"Fine :/ ." Niall says.

You wait in the line for about 15 minutes. You could tell Niall was acting a bit awkward but he tried to act normal like when you tried to kiss him and hug him and stuff.

"Ok we are up!!" You sqealed.

You skipped up to the coaster Niall walked up hesitantly..

You sat down and the coaster started going.

You were up at the very top of the coaster.

The roller coaster was at the very top and sat there for about a minute then slowley started pointing down to the longest steepest hill.

All of the sudden you were shooting down the hill.

"WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" You scremed.

You look over at Niall who is looking sick.

Just then.he throws up on you.

You scream again. But not from excitment. Luckily by now...... the ride is almost over.

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