When Genesis's mom dies and her dad and brother is away for the month and she goes to her friends house to try to cheer up. She didn't know that that visit would change her life.


1. ~Memories~

When i wake up the first thing i see is the picture of my mom. Oh, how i miss her. I wish i could just go back in time and stay with her forever. I got my towel and headed for the shower. I loved to shower in warm water it almost felt my moms warm hugs. I started to cry i didn't like to think about it brcause i knew i would never get those hugs again. The horrible memorie came back of my mom bleeding and me screaming for someone to help but, ofcourse no one did. "Mom come back" i yelled. I didnt care if anyone herd because no ine was here dad and Cris both went to Spain and i was left to take care of myself. I didnt mind plus i needed some alone time after what had happened. I was only a few weeks ago we already had her funeral. I got out my clothes it was my favorite outfit. Black skinney jeans and my favorite green shirt that said: 'Kiss Me Im Irish'. I remember when my mom got me that shirt it was last summer and we were shopping for clothes when i saw that shirt and started laughing and then for my birthday my mom gave me the shirt i was so happy that day. I finished dressing and got my gray letterman jacket, put on my glittery convers and my brown bag and headed for the door. I was going to my best friend Agnes's house she lived to blocks from where i lived. I got to her house and knocked on her door a few seconds later the door opened. "Hello Genisis how are you" Mrs.Perez said. "Good Mrs.Perez how about you" i said " Very well thank you. Are you here to see Agnes?" she said. "Yes i am is she here?" I responded. "Yes she is shes in her room you may enter if you'd like" "Oh, thanks" i said as i started walking walking to Agnes's room. I've been in this house a million times but something seemed diffrent. I got to her room and nocked on her door. I heard many voices 'maybe i should come back later' i thought right as she oppened the door. " Heyy Genisis, come in, come in" she said right as i walked in her room there were five boys on her bed. " Umm... Hello" i said. Suddenly one of the boys yelled "I love your shirt" he was blonde and cute. "Umm, oh my shirt. Thanks. Umm..." I said. "Niall.My name is Niall" he said. "Oh, hello. Niall im-"
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