Long Lost Brother

This is my first movella. I really hope you like it and I'll update very often. This is about when an ordinary girl gets a surprise twist in her life. Liam Payne is her long lost half-brother! She thought her life couldn't get any better!


7. Welcome to Pre-surprise Outfitters!


She's going to love it. I know she is. I've been planning this as the second surprise of her and Mom's visit. I know she'll love it. I have a special surprise just for mom too. She's going to have a spa day while we show Jessie her surprise. Jessica is going to meet someone special, but I'll conceal that information for now.


We have some special surprises for Jessica and Ms. Berk. I can't wait to see the smiles on their faces! Thanks to Simon, we've arranged for Jessica to meet someone special, bus Ms. Berk is going to have a spa day.   This is going to be absolutley perfect! I smile thinking about it.


I'm humming Cher Lloyd's song Grow Up as I think about the surprise for Jessica and Ms. Berk. Jessica will be thrilled at the surprise today! I look at the clock, 11:30. Whoah! we need to go if we want to get to their surprises on time! We all load into our vehicles. I'm driving with Jessica in the passenger seat, and Niall, Louis, and Harry are in the back. Liam is going to be dropping Ms. Berk off at her surprise while we take Jessica shopping for about an hour.


We're at the shopping mall while Liam drops his mom off at a spa for a day of relaxation. We're getting some new clothes for Jess before we go to see her surprise. She's going to love it! I know she will. I can't wait to see her face! It'll be PRICELESS! I go over to dress section where Jessica is standing adimring a dress. "You should try that on. I think It'll look good on you." She looks over at me with hopeful eyes. "Do you think so?" I nod and shove the dress into her hands and point her into the direction of a fitting room.


I see Jessica come out of a dressing room with a beautiful yellow, red, and orange strapless knee length dress on and I can't help but stare. I walk over and whistle low. She blushes a deep red and smiles. I smile back and think of how that smile will grow when she sees her awesome surprise! I walk her over to shoes to pick some out that match the dress. She goes with some yellow and white heel with ribbons that you tie onto your legs. She looks so beautiful. "You look amazing! That's the perfect look for the surprise!" I say. She looks down at her feet, still wearing the yellow heels. "Thanks, do you really tink so? It's not too much? I don't want to overdress." She looks back at me and I nod. I can't think of how to tell her how beautiful she is. Liam would be so proud.


The boys took me shopping. I thought this was the surprise but apparently not. I'm coming here to get outfitted for the surprise. My orangey hair now hangs in ringlets at my back and I'm wearing a new dress, heels, and headband all in the color scheme of yellow, red, orange, and white. I try to pay with my own money but the boys insist. I wear my new things out the door and we're already on our way to the mystical surprise! We get in the car and Zayn throws me the keys. "Me drive?" He nods and adds, "Yeah, I'll give you directions to the place." Okay... I hop in the driver's side and start criusing down the road at a steady speed. I follow Zayn's instructions: Take a left here, a right there, merge into this lane. WOAH! Stop! You almost missed it! Once he tells me to turn into a parking lot I glance at him, confused. I do as I'm told and pull in. I park in a spot close to the building and get out. I throw the keys back to Zayn and  we walk towards the door. "WOAH! Stop! You have to have a blindfold on! And we need to wait for... Oh here he is!" Niall says as he look at the road. Most of the boys already have their phones out to get my first reaction. Liam walks over, phone in hand and hands Louis a green blindfold/scarf. Heties it on my head and spins me around. I almost lose balance because of my shoes, but I manage. I hold onto someones hand as they usher me inside. My heart is thumping! What could it be?? When the hand gives me a very gentle tug, I stop immeadiately. "Go ahead love, take the blindfold off!" I recognize Harry's voice. I go to reach for my blindfold and untie the knot...

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