Long Lost Brother

This is my first movella. I really hope you like it and I'll update very often. This is about when an ordinary girl gets a surprise twist in her life. Liam Payne is her long lost half-brother! She thought her life couldn't get any better!


11. Telling LiLi


I pull into the driveway. My stomach is filled with butterflies as I walk towards the door. I think of what Liam will say or do. Will he yell, will he be okay with it? I hope the latter as I open the door. Laila is being well taken care of by Zayn who is petting her in between the ears. Niall and Harry are on either side of him. "Hey.. Guys! I'm home!" Laila's ears perk up and she hops off of the couch and runs towards me, yapping and wagging her tail. I pick her up and stroke her back as the boys come to greet me. "Hey! How was recording?"Niall asks. "Yeah! What song did you do?" Harry says. "Well, we did All I Want For Christmas is You. And Carrie Underwood and I did Jingle Bell Rock, Kelly Clarkson and I did Santa Claus is Comin to Town, and Big Time Rush did Rockin Around the Christmas Tree with me. But after all of that, I did O Holy Night. Then somthing happened between me and Justin..." Harry looks me in the eyes, and shakes me as he says "DID HE HURT YOU!? I SWEAR I'LL-" I cut him off. "NO! He didn't hurt me!! It was actually the opposite! I KISSED him, you IDIOT!!!" That's when I noticed Liam and Mom stepped into the room...


She did not say what I think she did... Did she? I feel my jaw and fists clench up as I walk toward Jessica. She couldn't've done this! Why would she do this? She just met the guy! "What?" I ask through my clenched teeth. "I-I, I really wanted to tell you differently. It's just that..." I cut her off. "You KISSED JUSTIN!?! YOU BARELY KNOW HIM JESSICA!!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?" I saw rage blossom on her face. "I WAS THINKING THAT I REALLY LIKE HIM!! HE CRIED WHEN HE HEARD ME SING O HOLY NIGHT!! HE CRIED!!! I KISSED HIM BECAUSE I SAW A SPARKLE IN HIS EYES WHEN I CAME OVER TO WIPE HIS TEARS AWAY!!" It was just us now, standing by the front door. "THAT'S WHY I KISSED HIM LIAM! I LOVE HIM OKAY??? WOULD YOU JUST BE A DEAR AND ACCEPT THAT? I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!" She storms past me and runs upstairs with tears streaming down her face. I hear a slam that makes me wince. Mom comes over and puts a hand on my shoulder. "Liam, true love doesn't have a timer, or an expiration date... You can love someone when you just laid eyes on them..." She gives me this whole lecture on love and then right when she's done, Jessica comes downstairs she brushes past me and says "Love you Mom! I'm going out!" I almost ask where but when I open my mouth, mom shakes her head and mouths "Let it go." I sigh and head into the kitchen for some tea. I need to say sorry, but how?

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