Long Lost Brother

This is my first movella. I really hope you like it and I'll update very often. This is about when an ordinary girl gets a surprise twist in her life. Liam Payne is her long lost half-brother! She thought her life couldn't get any better!


4. Somewhat family reunion *continued*


"What happened? My head is throbbing." I said groggily. I turn to see Niall sitting next to me. "You passed out after you told us that hilarious joke bout Kevin the Pigeon." I looked around at concerned eyes, abd nodding heads. "Are you okay Jess?" Mom asked me. "Yeah. I'm fine. It just hurts." We pulled into the long driveway and I noticed that we were at their Holiday House. I stepped out of the car, only to be thrown over someone's shoulder. "I MUST PROTECT MY CARROT PRINCESS!" Louis was running through the December snow. "LOUIS TOMLINSON! PUT ME DOWN NOW!!" I struggle and fidget but his grip just gets tighter. "NO! I NEED TO PROTECT MY CARROT PRINCESS!" Everyone was laughing including Mom and Liam. Harry and Niall were litterally R.O.F.L.ing it was quite funny actually. Once we got inside, Lou set me dowm graciously. I was feeling better so I asked if we could play a video game. "ROCK BAND!" Harry shouted and I yelled "I call singer then!" All heads turned to face me, even mom. She didn't know I sang. I only did it in my free time. Zayn walked up to me. "If you wanna be in our rock band... You have to try out." he said with a smirk. I nodded and turned on my ipod. My favorite Evanescense song came up and I started to sing. :"I've been, believing, in somthing so distant. As if I were humaaan. And I've been, denying, this feeling of hopelessness. In me, in me..."



"So, how was I?" I asked the silent room. Zayn stood next to me with is mouth slightly open. All of the others looked the same way. Except our visitor Simon Cowell. He started to clap and came over to me. "You must be Liam's long lost sister yeah?" I nodded as he shook my hand. Everyone had gained back their senses and were now saying stuff like "You're amazing!" and "Wow... Just Wow..." I even heard Lou say "OHMIGOD! You sound exactly like her!" I look over at them.  "I can do more voice impressions..." I trail off. "I can do a girl version of The Fray, and Carrie Underwood. I can do Demi Lavato and Kelly Clarkson. I've had a lot of secret practice." Zayn puts his hand on my shoulder and says: "Welcome to the Rock Band miss Jessica." I smile and nod and take in hugs from every which way. "I know... How about you start a record deal with my company?" I start hyperventalating. Simon Cowell asked for a record deal. I have to say yes. Just one word, but I was frozen in place again. "Y-yes!" I finally manage to mutter. I look around and the boys are cheering and dancing and I look to see Niall coming out of the kitchen with a tube of Whipped Cream. "What's that for Nialler?" I ask him suspiciously. "Your initiation my dear!" He says in a posh accent. My eyes widen. What are they gonna do to me? I see Niall put a large heap of Whipped Cream onto a paper plate and step closer to me.


She sounded like an angel. I look at her and realize she is an angel. I quietly go to the kitchen and get the whipped cream. I know how everyone else will feel so I get everything ready for the initiation. I get the things very quietly and stand there. Even after the song. I stood there quietly as Jessica shook Simon's hand, as he asked her about the deal, when she said yes, I slowly creeped out of the kitchen, Whipped Cream in hand. "What's that for Nialler?" She asked me suspiciously. I put on my poshest voice, "Your initiation my dear!" I start to stalk towards her. She took a couple off steps back. I heard Simon snicker. Jessica looked to everyone for help and while she was distracted, I pounced! I flung the plate of cream into her face. It got into her hair and was all over her face. The look she gave me wa priceless. I fell down holding my aching side becuase I was laughing so hard! "NIALLLLLLL! YOU ARE GONNA PAY FOR THIS!" She bounded to my side and raked her fingers across her face. She flung the cream onto me before I could protect myself then she grabbed the bottle and sprayed more on me. I was still laughing. She aquirted some into Zayn's hair becuase he was laughing too. "Now... It's personal..." He gave her a death glare and he started chasing her around the house.


My sister is a genious. She handled her situation like I would. She must be "Mommy Direction." I was lauging but only a little, because I didn't want whipped cream in my hair like Zayn, or end up remotley like Niall. I keep laughing and after the whole ordeal. Jessica decides to go to bed. Me and the guys will stay up a while longer.

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