Long Lost Brother

This is my first movella. I really hope you like it and I'll update very often. This is about when an ordinary girl gets a surprise twist in her life. Liam Payne is her long lost half-brother! She thought her life couldn't get any better!


10. Recording


In the car, I listen to Skyscraper by Demi Lavato. I of course turn up the music and sing it at the top of my lungs. When I get to the studio, I pull into a spot next to a sleek, red porche. I walk into the studio and walk to reception. A woman with blue-rimmed glasses looks up from her work and smiles. "Hello! how may I help you?" She asks me. "Hi! I'm here to record with Justin Bieber and Simon Cowell." She nodds and types something into the computer and then looks back up at me. "You need to go to the top floor and then two doors to the left." I nod and then turn towards the elevators. "Thank you!" I call back towards her. Once in the elevator, I press the button for the top floor. I zoom up and then walk out of the elevator. I walk two doors to the left and open the door. Justin's eyes light up when he sees me. I'm suddenly wraped up in a Bieber bear hug. Lol, that sounds funny... Anyways, he pulls away and says "Hey beautiful! how's it goin'?" "Ssup' Biebs!" I respond. "Haha, well nothin much gotta go to a meeting pretty soon so we need to get this done quick unfortunetly." He sighs, and I shrug. "Well, let's get going then." Simon walks over and says "This is very simple. You put on the headphones and sing during your part, which I have on the paper in front of you two." I nod and then the music starts. I sing first. "I don't want alot for Christmas, there is just on thing I need!" Justin's up next, "I don't care about the presents, underneath the Christmas tree." We then sing in harmony. "I just want you for my own, more than you could ever know, make my wish come true! All I want for Chrismas is you!" Then I sing "You! Baby!" The song goes by and my big, high pitched solo comes up. "OH! Oh baby all I want for Christmasss, is YOU!!!!! OH YOUUUU!Baby!" The song dies out and when I open my eyes, I look through the window to see three of my favorite groups/singers. Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and the boys of Big Time Rush. I slowly set my eyes on Justin, who is grinning fro ear to ear. Simon sees my expresion and laughs a bit. I walk out of the booth and then give Justin one last hug. "Okay, well, I gotta go. See you soon okay?" I nod and he kisses me on the cheek. I blush as he heads out the door. I'm then engulfed in another hug. This time, by Carrie and Kelly. "Wow! That was GREAT!" Carrie says to me. "Yeah! You got some great vocal skills girl!" Kelly says. "Thanks, I'm Jessica, Liam Payne's long lost little sister." I scoff as they let go. Politely and to myself. "Hi everyone! You all will be performing a song or two with Jessica here! Carrie, you and Jessica will be doing Jingle Bell Rock. Kelly, and Jessica will be doing Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Big Time Rush will be doing Rocking Around the Cristmas Tree. Everyone clear on who's doing what with her?" Everyone nods and Simon then says "Well, let's get started then. Shall we?" I head into the booth with Carrie. The music starts and we sing in harmony through the whole song, with a few solos scattered here and there. Carrie sits on the couch and exchanges places with Kelly. I sing with her through our song and it sound amazing! Just like with Carrie. The song ends and then the four cuties come in. "Before we start, I'd like to say hi! I'm Kendall. This is Logan, James, and Carlos. So yeah, let's get started." Our song goes by quickly and then I get numbers from everyone and give everyone my number. "Hold on! one more song for today Jessica. O Holy Night is the last one for today. Everyone turns back around and finds spaces on the couch. I head back into the booth and the music starts. This is one of my favorite Christmas songs. "O holy night, the stars are brightly Shiiiining. It is the night, of our dear saviour's birth. Long lay the world, In sin and error piining till he apeared, and the soul, fe-elt its worth. A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices. And yonder breaks a new and glorious morn! FALL, on your kneeeeees. O HEAR, The angel's Voi-ces. O NIGHT, divine, o night, when crist was born..."



I get into my red porche and pull out from my parking space. I go out onto the road and when I get one mile down, I realize I forgot my hat. I turn around and head back that way. Once I get there I get out and then run upstairs. The elavator is too slow for me. I get upstairs and rush into the room really quick. I see everyone still in there. I then hear an angelic voice coming from the sound booth. I look to see who it is and then see it's my beautiful Jessica singing with her eyes closed. "O night.....di-VIIIIIIINNE! Oh night, o-oh night DI-VINEEEEEE!" I feel a tear run down my face but quickly wiped it away before anyone noticed. She opens her eyes and when she sees me she opens the door and then pulls me into a hug. "Oh my God! You're crying! What happened?" I feel the tears and wipe them away. "Your voice is sooo beautiful! You're so beautiful Jessica." She puts her forehead on mine and then says "That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me." She leans in and dispite all of the faces that are undoubtedly looking our way, we kiss, on the lips, and as if on cue, the sparks fly all around me. We pull away and then I see Jessica blush. I smile at her and then hear a voice. "Awww! Oh wait, sorry I totally ruined the moment didn't I?" I recognize Kelly's voice and chuckle a bit. "Ha, well, it was bound to happen anyways. I just thought the guys would crack first." Jessica chuckles and then asks me "So, Why'd you come back anyways?" I chuckle and say "Oh, well I forgot my hat. I came back to get it." I say truthfully.She grabs it off of the table and sets it on my head. "Well, I gotta go. See you later beautiful." I kiss her on the forehead and then leave. This meeting I'm going to is going to need to be more special now, because I was going to plan our first date. now that we've already had our first kiss, it needs to be more special.


I just kissed Justin Bieber. I just sang with 4 of my favorite groups/singers. I must be dreaming. I pinch myself but I still remain in my dream land. This must be reality. I see someone step into my line of vision and knock me off of my train of thought. "Oh, my, GOD!!! You just kissed Justin Bieber! I can't believe you made the first move! This is amazing! Is hea good kisser?" Carrie. I sigh and then say. "Mmhmm. I am on cloud nine right now." I say dreamily. I walk out of the studio and then to the elavator. Carrie and Kelly are walking next to me and the guys are walking behind me. A new thought enters my brain... what will Liam think about all of this? I realize I said this out loud and then hear Kendall respond "I don't know but I don't think he'll be very happy." "Yeah.. If it were my sister, I'd freak out." Logan chimed in. I walk to my car and then hop in. "Well, wish me luck guys. I'm gonna tell him when I get home." I hear a chorus of good lucks, and then I hear "Call me's" and "See you's". Lord help me when I get home...

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