Long Lost Brother

This is my first movella. I really hope you like it and I'll update very often. This is about when an ordinary girl gets a surprise twist in her life. Liam Payne is her long lost half-brother! She thought her life couldn't get any better!


14. Project: Wake Up


I wake up to the sound of banging pans. It's been about a week since my first date with Justin. He's called me almost every day and I've never been happier. I get up from my warm bed and slip on some house shoes. I fumble to the other side of my foom and feel up the wall for my light switch. I flip the switch and walk across the room to my mirror. I look into it and see that my messy bun I had my hair in last night is not intact, so I take it down. I brush through it with my fingers and get clothes for my shower. I get a wooly blue sweater, some dark wash skinny jeans, and a pair of tan boots. I go and take my shower, washing all of the tenseness that sleep brings, away. After I shower, I dress and blow my hair dry. I decide on a "Katniss" braid and I begin to section the hair off. I soon finish and brush my teeth. After applying eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, and some nude lipstick, I feel good enough to go downstairs where the banging had stopped. I reach the kitchen and see a cake cooling on a rack. Harry stands facing the pantry, digging around for somthing. "Moring Haz!" He turns and grins. "Morning Jay!" (Jay is the new nickname they've developed for me. I don't like it much, and they know it, but they call me it anyways.) I make a face at him and he starts to chuckle. "Haha... very funny. You know I can take you down right? I took tae kwon do, karate, and gymnastics back in Kentucky." He smirks. "No, I bet you can't. I am 100% muscle. You are 100%... um, girl." I give him an evil grin. I crack my knuckles, neck, jaw, wrists, fingers, knees, and ankles. He stares at me. "Okay! I believe you, just don't use your ninja moves on me!!" I laugh and sit at the table across from the cake. "You really that scared?" I ask him. "Yep." He says, popping the "p". I look at the clock, it's almost eleven thirty. "Haz? Can we make a devious plan to wake the boys??" I ask in a evil voice. He looks over at the clock, a grin appears on his face as he turns back towards me. "Oh yeah, epic wake up call." He strokes an invisible beard and then states, "I'll be back." He tries to say it like the Terminator, but he fails misserably. I steal a crumb of the chocolate cake as I wait for him to come back. When he returns, he is holdong a huge box labeled, "NERF WAR SUPPLIES" I just start to laugh evilly. He hands me a vest, some glasses, a huge machine gun, a hand gun, and LOTS of ammo. I get all of it in place and then I see Harry standing there with a blow horn and some assorted guns and ammo. I suddenly hear a knock at the door, and seem surprised at first. But then I remember, Justin was coming over today. "I'll get it!" I say as I sprint to the door. I open it and sure enough, my wonderful boyfriend is standing there with a boquet of gorgeous flowers. he looks at me really wierd because of all of the nerf stuff. "Oh, yeah. Wake up call time. Come on  in and help us!!" I pull him inside and close the door. "Aww! Thank you! These are gorgeous!" I say referring to the flowers. I set a gun down and take them, and a kiss from Justin. I lead him to the kitchen and get them some water in a vase. "Merry Christmas Eve Jessica!!!" He says. I totally forgot. Today is Lou's birthday/ Christamas Eve. How could I be so stupid!! "Merry Christmas Eve to you too!" I lean in to kiss him and he does too. We meet in the middle and share a sweet kiss; rudely interupted by a cough. "Are we going to do this or what?" Harry asks. I laugh. "Yep! Do you wanna help babe?" I ask Justin. "Sure! That would be fun!" He says. Harry tosses him some ammo, a vest, some glasses, and a gun. "Okay Hazza, I take Liam, you take Zayn. Justin, you take Niall. We'll all wake up Louis for his birthday surprise!" Everyone nods. "Okay! Put your hands in!" We put out hands in the middle of out little huddle. "'Project: Wake Up' On three. One... two..." Justin starts. "Project:Wake Up!" We all say. Not loud enough for anyone else to hear. We then run up the stairs quietly. "Okay Harry, blow the horn!!" I yell. He blows it and starts to run. I run into Liam's room and start shooting him like crazy. "PROJECT WAKE UP!!!!!" I scream. Liam jumps and starts to chase after me. "Hold on!! We are all going to get Lou for his birthday!" He stops and holds his hand out: he wants a gun. "Downstairs, in the big box." I say. he nods and goes down. Justin, Zayn, Harry, and Niall come over to me as well. "Okay, so should we do it now?" Justin asks me. "Honey... you don't even have to ASK that question. YES! We do it now! Right after the guys get their gear." We all go downstairs and wait until all of the guys are siuted up. We walk into Louis' room. Just like I suspected... He's sound asleep. "Okay everyone. On three." Niall whispers. "One, two, THREE!" Harry yells. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOU BEAR!!!" Everyone yells. We start shooting him and jumping on him and shaking him until he starts to fight back. We all settle down and then give him birthday hugs and kisses. Mom comes in and gives him a birthday hug and kiss too. She's leaving for home for the holidays and I'm staying here. She's just about to leave for the airport. "Okay sweetie, I'm going now. I hope you have a wonderful christmas, and here is your Christmas present. You can go ahead and open it. Louis, here is your birthday present. She hands him an oddly shaped package and me an envelope. "Liam, here's yours. All of the rest of the Christmas presents are under the tree. No looking until tomorrow, except for you and Jessica of course." She says. I give her a big hug. "Bye momma! I'll see you next year!" I say. We have a family group hug consisting of everyone, including Justin. "Bye mum. Have a nice holiday. I love you." Liam says. "I love you guys too. I love all of you guys!! I can't believe I have six new sons! Unless you break my daughter's heart Justin, then it's down to five." Mom jokes. We all laugh at this and then break apart. "Ha, I promise, I won't Ms. Berk."Justin says. She gives each of the boys a hug and kiss and then she goes off. "Love you all!! Don't forget to feed Laila!" she yells as the door shuts. Speaking of Laila, where is she? "Where is Laila?"Justin takes the words right out of my mouth. We find her in mom's room and get her some food. Then we go get ready for Lou's party.

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