Long Lost Brother

This is my first movella. I really hope you like it and I'll update very often. This is about when an ordinary girl gets a surprise twist in her life. Liam Payne is her long lost half-brother! She thought her life couldn't get any better!


17. Nighttime Terrors


After about five hours into the party, me and Justin decide to go to bed. okay, yes, Justin is staying with me, but we will not be doing ANYTHING!! He stayed a couple of nights ago because he was having some drinks with the lads. Wait, did I just think "lads"? Man, I'm turning British after two weeks. I go change into some shorts and a tee and I take my hair down and put it into a messy bun. I take my makeup off and wash my face. I'm to tired to take a shower, so I'll take one in the morning. When I get there, Justin's already laying on top of the pink covers, wearing his gasses while reading a book. "Watcha' readin'?" I ask while I crawl over his legs to my side of the bed. But his glasses make me remember something I haven't done in weeks. "Ahh, crap! I am so lucky my contacts have stayed on my eyes!" I go back into the bathroom to take off my contacts and put them into the little thingy-majigger. Then I take my black-rimmed nerd glasses and slide them onto my nose. I turn away from Justin as I enter the room and slid into bed quietly, without my glasses being seen. "Do you really wear glasses?"

"No! I wear perscription contacts because I want to!" I say sarcastically. I catch Justin staring at my glasses and feel my face redden. "I know, I look rediculous." he just laughs. he turns my head with his hand on my chin, and then he kisses me, woft and sweet. "No, you're gorgeous baby." I smile, then I take my glasses off and put them on my bedside table. I lay down and go to sleep.


"Get back over here! I'm not done with you!" Justin pulls my arm and throws me to the ground. I scream in pain when he whips my arm instead of my face. He whips me three more times, and then starts kicking me. "Justin! Justin stop it!! Please stop!" I cry. He takes me by the hair and pulls me up. "Did you just tell me to stop?" He asks through gritted teeth. Before I can answer, he punches me in the eye, then the mouth. he throws me back down, and I am submerged in darkness.


"Jessica! Jessica! It's okay now, you're alright." I scream. It's him. He's going to beat me again. I need to defend myself this time. I will defend myself this time. When he slides his arms around me, I hit him. I beat him until I can get away, and then I run down the hall. "PLEASE! HELP ME, HE'S AFTER ME!" I scream. "Jessica! Jessica! Wait!" He's trying to follow me, I lock myself in a random room and slide down the other side. I start to sob, but I hold it in, because he'll hear me if I don't. "Jessica, is that you?" Louis asks from his bed. "Shh, he'll get us Louis, then he'll kill me this time."

"What are you talking about?" He asks. "SSH!" I hear Justin's footsteps down the hall. "Jessica.. where are you babe? God, what happened?" I have to put my hand over my mouth to stop from breathing to hard. If he hears me, he will find me and kill me. "Jessica, did Justin do something to you?" I just nod. I point to the bloddy marks on my arms, then to the gash over my right eye from where the skin split when he punched me. Louis makes his way over silently and sits next to me. "Jessica, there's nothing there..."

"Yes there is! Don't lie to me." He just sighs and picks me up. I make myself as small as possible as he carries me to his bed. I lay down, and he lays beside me. He puts a protective arm over my waist, and when I hear his breathing level out, mine does as well. I slowly drift into a deep sleep.

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