Long Lost Brother

This is my first movella. I really hope you like it and I'll update very often. This is about when an ordinary girl gets a surprise twist in her life. Liam Payne is her long lost half-brother! She thought her life couldn't get any better!


9. More Surprises


Was yesterday even real? I get out of bed and go over to the mirror. The guys made me stay up all night with them so when I finally escaped, I collapsed on my bed in the new dress I got. Proof yesterday was in fact reality! I squeal and throw myself back onto my bed. I kick and squeal into my pillow and barely notice the text I just got. I grab my phone and see it's from Justin.

Justin- Mornin glory! I just tlked to Simon and he said it would be gr8 to work 2gthr. I can't wait to record! Which is 2day at 3:00 pm, ok?

Me- Ok Justin! Cya then! Can't wait to record either!


I get out of bed after realizing it was 11:30 and I needed to get ready. I grabbed some clothes and shed my current ensemble to take a shower. I get out of the shower after what seems like an hour and see it only took about 20 minutes. I go to fix my hair. I grab a brush and start to get the snarls out of my hair. I blow dry it and Put it in a ponytail with a bump. I put some makeup on my face and I head downstairs where I see Harry and Zayn already on the couch, flipping through the channels. I go into the kitchen and grab a blueberry bagel. Just as I'm about to put it in my mouth, Niall snatches it out of my hand and takes a bite. I glare at him and then go to get another one while he smirks at me. UGH! Niall is soo annoying sometimes! I actually get to eat this one and I sit on the couch in between the guys who are still in their PJs. "Why so purtyed up sweetums?" Harry asks in a country accent that makes me laugh. "Oh well, It's not really important..." I trail off using my british accent. "Wow good one Jess! What is it? I must know!!" Zayn says overdramatically. "Okay, well Justin texted me this morning... and I get to record a song with him later today! Isn't that fabulous?!?!?" The guys are smiling widely at me as they see how excited I am. "Well, it just so happens we are recording with Justin too." I nod at this statement when suddenly, hands go over my eyes. "Guess who?" Liam's voice sounds throuth the air but it's not his hands. These are the carrot prince's. "Umm, Let me guess, L....ouis!" He takes his hands off of my face and I turn to see Louis standing directly behind me and Liam behind him. "How'd you guess? I was the one that said that!" Liam said. "Well Duh! you're my brother! I'd know your voice anywhere. And those were not your hands. Yours are bigger than Lou's so that's how I knew it was him!" "Well, I'll be darned!" Lou said in his best country accent. I laughed at him and then his face became serious. "We have yet another surprise for you miss carrot princes!" he exclaimed. My eyes flew open wide as Niall and Zayn pulled me up form the couch. Mom entered the room and shrugged when I looked to her for help. I was ushered outside to see a beautiful, black pickup truck with a giant red bow on top! Then I heard a bark. There wasn't a house for miles around so, that must mean... OHMYGODNO!!!! They did not do what I think they did! Did they? I screamed when I saw a beautiful black, gray, and blueish husky came bounding towards me. I cry when I pick her up and hold her in my arms. She's a little puppy and I can't be happier! "So, what do you think?" Liam asks me. "What do I think? What, do, I, Think??? I, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! YOU GOT ME A CAR! AND A PUPPY!! who could ask for more? I have a great family, with best friends, and a perfect life! I just couldn't ask for more!" I'm smiling like a mad woman despite the tears. I bring my puppy inside and set her down on my lap. "What's her name?" I ask a sniling Harry. "Whatever you want to name her." He replies. She licks me all over my face as I come up with a perfect name. It can't be a normal dog name like spike or gizmo. It needs to be more real, more human. I find the perfect name and smile even bigger than before. "I got it!" I say to the boys. They look at me with an expresion on their faces that says, Okay! That's great! Let's hear it before we die of curiosity! "Her name is... Drumroll please!" the boys pat their laps for a drumroll and then go ptch!! for the cymbols. "Laila! Her name is Laila!" The boys nod in aproval and so does mom. We all laugh when Laila barks and wags her tail and licks my face. I realize it's already 1:30 and I realize I need to get ready to leave. I get ready in a flash and leave at 2:15. I give Laila a scratch behind the ear and get into my car. I drive off down the street. Finally! I'm on my way to the studio!

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