Long Lost Brother

This is my first movella. I really hope you like it and I'll update very often. This is about when an ordinary girl gets a surprise twist in her life. Liam Payne is her long lost half-brother! She thought her life couldn't get any better!


8. Meeting the Boy with the Same Initials


I untie the knot on my blindfold, take it off, and open my eyes. I almost faint. Actually, I scream my freaking HEAD OFF! The guys are recording every bit and I start to cry. There, standing before me, is my idol and celebrity crush, JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!! I am suddenly enclosed in his arms and now instead of screaming, I'm crying and laughing, and hyperventalating all at the same time. I am released and he speaks to me with that angel voice of his "Don't cry! This was supposed to be happy!" I keep crying and then say "I am happy! How could I not be? This is amazing! You're JUSTIN BIEBER!" He laughs and I laugh as I calm down. He gives me a bouqet of flowers and kisses me on the cheek. I am absolutely beside myself right now. My brain is taking in so much in so little time it hurts. I need to sit down. The guys and Justin realizes this and escort me to a couch on the opposite side of the room. I finally calm down and hug Justin properly. He looks at me with his caremel-gold eyes and I start to talk normally. "So, how's it going Bieber?" We laugh and he replys "I'm doing well. I'm kinda wondering the same thing about you. How's your life going now you have a brother?" I scoff."Well, I'll be honest with you, it stinks, literally. Girls are so much cleaner than guys I gotta tell ya! But other than that, it's A-MA-ZING!" I respond. He nods and says something I never thought he said. "So, I heard you sing. Mind if I get a demo?" I widen my eyes and slowly nod. "Liam, can I borrow your phone?" I ask. He hands it over and I search through iTunes. Blown Away! Perfect! I love Carrie Underwood! The phone emits the music and I start to sing: "Dry lightnin' cracks across the sky-y. Those storm clouds gather in her eye-es. Her daddy was a mean ole mister! Mamma was an a-angel in the ground, the weatherman called for a twister, she prayed 'blow it down'..." I sing the song through and again, speechless people look at me with jaws slightly open. I look back at Justin, who is now looking at me throuth the wide eyes and finally gains his senses back. "Wow..." he trials off. I feel a blush heat my cheeks and I look down at the ground. I am soo cold! I'ts December and I'm wearing a strapless, knee lenght dress! Geez, what I do to look good... I look to see Justin staring into my eyes, a spark rises in my chest. I see Liam out of the corner of my eye, oh goody! Here comes over protective brother to the RESCUE! I quickly break the gaze that seemed to last forever. I see somthing out of the corner of my eye. Louis looks like he's about to explode. I give him a confused glance and he pops! "MY CARROT PRINCESS IS IN LOVE! I CAN SEE IT!" My face explodes in the color red and I can see Justin looking at his shoes too. "Shut up Lou!" I say in my british accent. "That was pretty good!" He points out. The guys decide to leave us to chat for a while. We talk a while longer until Justin brings somthing crazy and wonderful up. I can barely contain my happiness. "Hey, maybe I can talk Simon into giving us a colaboritave holiday song to work on. It could be really fun! Wanna see if I can arrange it?" he asks. :DDDD JUSTIN BIEBER WANTS TO SING WITH ME!! WITH MEE!  I nod and say "Yeah, I know a song we could do too. It's one of my personal favorites. All I want For Christmas is You. How does that sound?" He nods. "Yeah! That sounds awesome." he winks at me. Why did he wink at me? Wait a minute... Song title + wink = STUPID JESSICA! I grin and blush like an idiot and he chuckles. We talk for what seems like forever! We exchange numbers and I find myself texting him all the way home. I can't wait to see him again!

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