Long Lost Brother

This is my first movella. I really hope you like it and I'll update very often. This is about when an ordinary girl gets a surprise twist in her life. Liam Payne is her long lost half-brother! She thought her life couldn't get any better!


12. First Date Daze

I start to drive. I cry silent, furious tears. I can't believe Liam did that. Rage muddled my mind as I drove to my destination. I was going to Justin's hotel. I know he wouldn't be here in England much longer and he decided to take me out on a date. I arrived at the hotel and wiped my eyes. I fixed my makeup and walked calmly into the hotel lobby. I went up to his room and knocked on the door. I feel my heart thrum in my chest when I hear footsteps. I smile when Justin opens the door. "Hi babe!" He hugged me and then kissed me when we parted from the hug. He ushered me inside and I broke the un-akward silence between us. "So, where are we going to go?" "Well, I was thinking it would be a surprise." I groan. "I have HAD it with stupid surprises!! Every time I want to know what the heck I'm signing myself up for 'No! You can't know! It's a  SURPRISE!!!!'" We both laugh at this. "I'm serious though I'm fed up with the surprises." He nods and sighs. "Will you do this one thing for me. PWEESE!!??" He gives me puppy eyes. Those gorgeous honey brown orbs that change color with every emotion he feels. I melt and I don't notice he tries to talk to me again. "Jessica!!" He snaps in front of my face. "Oh, what?? Oops, sorry. Why do your eyes have to be so entrancing?" He srugs and does a little flip with his hair. "Oh, I guess I was just born sexy babe!" We both fall over with laughter. "So, are you ready to go?" He asks me. "Yep! This better be a good frikkin surprise..." I trail off and sigh. Liam suddenly pops into my brain. Justin didn't know about our little falling out today. "Do you wanna know what Liam said when he found out I kissed you?" Justin looked at me confused. "Is it good or bad news?" I sigh. "The latter. He screamed at me and made me cry. I ran up to my room and called you. I'm still feeling a little down about it." I feel the tearsthreateningto make an appearance. Justin notices this and comes to comfort me. After, we head out to his car. I sit next to him in the passenger seat. I hold his hand like old married couples do in the car that creeps their kids out. I scoff to myself and turn to the road. I see that we're headed out into the country. I see a beautiful gazebo near a lake. We  slow down. We pull into the loooong drive and get out of the car. I walk over to the gazebo with Justin by my side. I look at him in awe. "This is so beautiful! Look at that view!" He nods and smiles. "I think mine is better. I have the most beautiful view in the world. Nothing could top this." I go over and kiss him softly and passionately. I snake my arms around his neck while his go around my waist. I smile into the kiss and we then pull away. We talk for hours and eat dinner under the candle lit gazebo. We stay warm by a fire near it a blanket around us. At about midnight, we head home. I get home safely and go upstairs. I dream a peaceful dream about me and Justin. I hope this dream never ends.

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