Long Lost Brother

This is my first movella. I really hope you like it and I'll update very often. This is about when an ordinary girl gets a surprise twist in her life. Liam Payne is her long lost half-brother! She thought her life couldn't get any better!


5. Dream? No, Nightmare


I decide to go take a shower to get all of the whipped cream off my face and out of my hair. I tell the boys goodnight as I walk up the stairs. I take my shower and go to bed. I hear the boys arguing as I drift into a deep sleep.


RUN! RUN! "Liam! HELP ME!" Someone's chasing me. I need to get away! I feel an iron grip go around my arm. "LIAM!" I screech. I turn to see him. He looks into my eyes and I notice his are coal black. My eys widen as he speaks to me in a velvety smooth voice. "Do you ACCTUALLY think I'll help you? I'm just doing this for the stupid publicity. I don't love you! I barely love mom." I start hyperventalating. "MOM! MOM!" She comes over and slaps me across the face. I feel more iron grips hold my arms in place as they push and pull me towards a black hole. I kick, punch, bite, and struggle as much as possible. They don't let me go. I'm falling now. "Have a nice time in HELL JESSICA!" I scream bloody murder as I fade into the blackness.


"Jessica! Jessica! Wake up! Come on wake up!" I open my eyes to see that Harry is holding my arms back and Liam's got his hands on my shoulders. I look around and see Niall on the floor. Along withe Louis and Zayn. There's no more restraint on my hands and my face is burried in Liam's chest. I cry and cry and babble on and on. "You got rid of me! You pushed me down a hole! Y-you didn't l-love me!" I try to calm myself down I listen to Liam's words and slow my sobs into shivers. "It's okay Jessie. I love you very much. I would never hurt you. Shh... shh shh it's alright. I'm right here." We sit on the couch while Harry tries to revive the unconsious boys. Once they've woken up, I start crying again. I keep telling them I'm sorry and it's all my fault. They deny every bit but it's true... they're in pain and I caused it. Zayn and Louis both have big purpla blothches blossoming along their forearms and Niall has one under his jaw. I feel so bad. Once the boys go to bed Liam and I sit on the couch. The last thing I remember is Liam humming a song to me. I fall asleep once again.


There's some stumbling down the stairs... and screaming! The boys and I are already up and running. "Liam! HELP ME!" Niall grabs her arm and she fights him. Her eyes are closed a little. SHE'S SLEEPWALKING! Harry grabs her when Niall goes down. "MOM! MOM!" Harry's struggling with her. So Zayn and Lou go to help. She gets them both and they also land on the floor. She screams bloddy murder as I grab her shoulders and start talking to her. "JESSICA! Jessica!Wake up! Come on wake up!" I yell. Her eyes flutter open as she looks around. I nod at Harry to tell him to let go. When he does I wrap her up in a tight hug. She mutters somthing about pushing her down a hole... I didn't love her. "It's okay Jessie. I love you very much. I would never hurt you. Shh... shh shh it's alright. I'm right here." She goes through another crying session when Harry wakes the guys up.I talk to her and hum her to sleep. I oughta get some rest too...

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