Long Lost Brother

This is my first movella. I really hope you like it and I'll update very often. This is about when an ordinary girl gets a surprise twist in her life. Liam Payne is her long lost half-brother! She thought her life couldn't get any better!


6. Breakfast with the Boys

JESSICA'S POV I wake up in my room. Liam must've carried me up last night after the nightmare. I still can't believe I did that to the guys. I feel so bad. I'll cook breakfast for them and apologize more later. I peel the warm blanket off of my sweaty body and head towards the chest of drawers that my clothes are in. I decide to wear a Justin Bieber shirt with little slits in the sleeves, along with some dark purple skinny jeans. I go take a warm shower and scrub the layer of sweat and grime off of my body. After getting dressed, I put on my eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow. I don't use lip gloss because it comes off right after I do somthing anyways. I put my hair up in a ponytail and curl sections of hair so it looks like the ponytail is made up of them. After I look myself over one last time in the mirror, I give a nod of approval and head downstairs to the kitchen. I look through the cabnets and drawers to see what I have to work with. I decide on french toast. I get out  eggs, milk, cinnamon, pepper, bread, a bowl, and a griddle. I cook the whole package of bread and decide that I need more. I look through the cabnets until I find another loaf, and cook half. There, that should be enough. By the time I'm done getting everything cleaned up, a groggy Niall comes into the kitchen and sits on a stool. "Smelled breakfast. Thought I'd come on in." I nod at him and tell him to dig in. Which he of course does. I go upstairs to wake the other boys and mom up. I walk to mom's doorframe and whisper "Momma, breakfast is downstairs." She stirs and nodds. One down, four to go. I then walk into Zayn's room. I hear snoring and roll my eyes. "Zayn! Breakfast is ready! Come on down!" He groans and says "Go away! I'm tired!" I pull the blankets off of him and he reaches back for them but then finally gives up. "I'll be down in a sec." He says. I nod triumphantly and walk out. Next, Liam's room. If he's anything like me and mom, he's a light sleeper. I go to the doorframe and say "Liam, breakfast is downstairs." He stirs but then starts to snore very lightly. I walk to his bed, sigh and shake him a little. "Come on LiLi. I made FRENCH TOAST!" He sits up and says "Be down in a few." I nod and exit the room. Okay two more. I go into Harry's room and realize he's not there. He must've snuk past me while I was occupied by one of the boys. I shrug and go into Lou's room. I know he's not a light sleeper. "LOUIS! BREAKFAST IS READY!" he doesn't move. I shake him, I jump on the bed, nothing. I can't believe I need to result to this. I go get a cup, fill it with water,and stalk quietly into Lou's room. "OKAY LOU! YOU HAVE THREE SECONDS TO GET UP!" He groans and pulls the pillow over his head. "Okay! One... two... THREE!" I dump the water on him and run for dear life. When I get out of his room, he screams and starts to follow me. I make it downstairs and I feel a wet, cold body press against mine. I squeal and say "You wouldn't get up! I warned you!" I turn to see a very wet Lou. He gives me a fake furious face and stalks back upstairs to change. I go to the kitchen  and see that almost all of the french toast is gone. I also see an angry Harry. "Why did you use my kitchen?" I give him a confused face and then scoff. "Did you even try my good, southern Kentucky cookin'?" I say in my hic accent. Everyone smiles at this and we are then rejoined by Louis, who takes a seat and start to devour the last piece of it. "Well I can't now can I?" I shrug and go the get a bagel from the fridge. I put it in the toaster and pull out the cream cheese and a knife. Once it's done, I give half to Harry and eat the other half smothered in cream cheese. Then Niall looks at my shirt and looks to my face. "We have a big surprise for you today, be ready in an hour." The boys look confused a moment, then facepalm themselves in recognition to the surprise. I look around suspiciously and give mom puppy eyes. "I don't know what  it is Jess, ask your brother." I love how that sounds. I smile at the thought, then go to get ready for the surprise.

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