Long Lost Brother

This is my first movella. I really hope you like it and I'll update very often. This is about when an ordinary girl gets a surprise twist in her life. Liam Payne is her long lost half-brother! She thought her life couldn't get any better!


15. Birthday Party


"Louis!! Come help me with the streamers!!" I call upstairs. I'm balancing on a chair, on my tiptoes. I just can't reach high enough. "COMING!" He runs downstairs and to my side. Just in time too. I slip and fall to the ground. Louis catches me in his arms. "Nice going superman." I say breathless. "Why thank you kind citizen!" He exclaims in a superhero voice. He sets me down and then gets up onto the chair. "What happened?? I heard you scream! Are you okay?" The guys start running into the room. "Yeah, I'm fine guys. I fell. Louis caught me. It's fine." I say in a reassuring voice. "I'm just a little shaken up. I have a bit of a... an adrenaline rush." I can feel myself shaking in my lack of shoes. "I need to sit down." I recieve help from Justin and Liam who hold onto my arms asnd walk me to the couch. Laila lays on my lap and helps me calm down as I stroke her soft, dense fur. Suddenly a very important thing pops into my mind. I DIDN'T GET LOUIS A BIRTHDAY PRESENT!! I jump up and basically yell (warning: bad language) "OH SHIT! Oh, um I mean, uh... crap..." I trail off. I cover my mouth and feel my cheeks heat up. "Awwww!! Jessie said a bad word!!" Zayn exclaims from the other side of the room. "What?!?" Liam says, entering the room. "Um, I uh.. I just remembered somthing I forgot to do that's very important." I rush upstairs and quickly pulled on my tan boots again. I grab my purse and my keys and run downstairs. "Okay! Liam and I will be back soon!" I pull Liam out the door and to the car. "What do you mean? Why do I have to go?"

"I need help getting Louis a birthday present!" I pout. "Will you PLEASE help me??" I watch as Liam sighs and nods. "YAY! Thank you Li Li!" I yell. I kiss his cheek and then start the car. "Where should we go?" I ask him. "Well, I do have an idea..." Liam trails off. "Prank time?" I ask him. He nods deviously. "Prank time baby sis." We laugh as we pull out of the driveway and onto the road.


I found time where Liam had to get somthing to get each of the guys a Christmas present as well. I got each of the guys friendship bracelets that say "Team Direction" on them. I got Justin a framed picture of us when we first met, and I got Laila a BIG new bone. She'll be chewing on that thing for MONTHS! As for Louis' birthday present. i'm not telling until he opens it. It'll be HILARIOUS! But all jokes aside, I got him a framed picture of us when he was holding me on his shoulder on my first day here. It also has a caption under it that says, "I NEED TO PROTECT MY CARROT PRINCESS!" Liam kept trying to pay, but every time he put his hand on his wallet, I smacked it away and gave the lady my money. I hate it when people try to buy stuff for me when it's not for like, a date or a present. Besides, I have PLENTY of money. Mom's gift was about five hundred dollars in Americain money. Anyways, when we got home, the house was perfect! The streamers were up, the food was set out, the music was turned up loud. Right now, "You Found Me" By The Fray was playing. I love this song. I start jamming out to it. I dance all the way upstairs and into my room. I already had my things set out to wrap the gifts. I wrapped them carefully and perfectly. I put bows on them and then went downstairs to put them under the tree and in the pile for Louis. I set them down and went back upstairs to change for the party. I decided on a green and red dress with a gold tie around the middle. Since the dress is sleeveless, I put on a forest green cardigan. I slip on some gold flats and redo my braid. I also fix up my makeup and make my way downstairs where people already start coming in the front door. I see Carrie and Kelly among the people, so I go and greet them. "Hi guys!" I say, hugging them. "Hi! Wow, you look amazing!" Carrie says. "Thank you! You do too!"

"Well, I know where I stand." Kelly says with a fake sadness. "Oh, come on Kelly, you look amazing too! Do I get a hug?" She laughs and we hug until someone taps my shoulder. I turn to see the Big Time Rush guys. "Hi Logan! I thought you guys already went home!" They just shrug. "We were supposed to, but then we heard about Louis' birthday. We wanted to come and check it out." James says. "Well, I'm glad you guys came!" I say over the music. I give eachof them a hug and then we all go to dance. I make my way across the dancefloor to where Justin is dancing. "Hi! How's the party?"  I ask him. "It's was okay. It just got amazing." He pulls me in for a kiss, which I accept. I hold onto his waist and rest my head on his chest. I can hear his heartbeat in his chest. Beating as fast as mine is. Every time we touch, I just feel fireworks spread through my body and my heart beats a million times faster. "Jessica?" Justin asks. "Mmhmm?" I respond. He pulls me away from our embrace and looks into my blue eyes. "I wanted to ask you somthing. You know... we aren't official yet." He says. I smile as he leans his forehead to touch mine. I feel his minty breath on my neck. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He asks me. I smile. "Yes. Yes Justin, I will be your girlfriend." We kiss again. This is a passionate, sweet, breathtaking kiss that sends electricity through my whole body. One that when we pull apart, leaves me hungry for more.  

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