Hopfully in Love

This story is a bout a girl named Hope. She is having a bad time, untill she meets somebody who can help her.


2. The Date

I put on my white skinnies, white beanie and black converse on. Then I added a black t-shirt that said "love soMEbody" on it with white writing. I added a shoulder laptop purse and put in my iPhone and my wallet with twenty dollars into it. I then sat on the couch and waited for Jacob to arrive. I put the T.V on. It said 4:56. I guess that he is late? He did say 4:40. I watch some T.V and wait for Jacob. Soon I hear a honk at 5:23. He is so dxmn late! How could he? I get outside and lock the door. I angrily get into his car in the front seat. I slam the door shut. I flinch at the loud noise that it made. "Sorry I was late Babe."

he says to me. I roll my eyes at him. He does this everytine we go onto a date. He says the same things, and he expects me to forgive him? Well, I do anyway becuase i am sortof scared of him. "It's ok." I say as he leans across the middle of the car to the other side of the car towards me and places a kiss on the tip of my lips. I smile. He goes back into his seat and then starts the car again. "Wait, let's walk." I say. Jacob nods his head in agreement. He shuts the car off. Oh no, i left his present inside my house. "Be right back!" I say running into my house. I open the door with the key and rush to the kithen. I look around in a panick and I find Jacob's present. I grab the black and blue bag and rush out the door and lock it again. Then, i walk to Jacob and hold out the present. His face goes into a bright smile. "Thank you Hope." He says as i place the bag into his hands. He rips out the paper tishou and pulls out the Fifa game. He smiles really big and gives me a heart warming hug. I smile with him. He puts the game into his car and then me walk to the beach. On our way to the beach I see Liam. "Hope?" He says. "Hey Liam!" I say waving to him. "Who is this?" Asks Jacob. "This is Liam, he was at the store that I bought the game at for you." I say. "Can I talk to you for a second?" He asks. "Sure." I say shrugging my shoulders. "Can you give us a second?" Says Jacob to Liam. Liam just simply nods. Jacob pulls me into a nearby ally. He takes me to the back of it behind a garbage can. He slaps my face. I grab my cheek in pain. "What do you think your doing? Cheating on me hey?" He yells at my face. "I was j-" he cuts me off with another hit to the face. "You bxtch!" He slaps me again. He runs off. My face hurts so much. At least he is gone though. Then i hear more footsteps. Jacob? I see his face, "i almost forgot to thank you for the birthday present." He punches me in the stomach. I grab it in pain. He. He finnally walks out of the ally. I slide down the down to my butt. I hug my knees and cry softly. LIAM'S POV I am leaning against the wall waiting for Hope and Jacob? I think is name is? Then i see Jacob come up to me. "Where is Hope?" I ask him. "She just went to the washroom over there. Un i gotta go bye now." He leaves in a hurry. Weird. I wait for Hope. Its been about twenty minutes. I walk down the ally looking for the bathroom. She left me. There is no bathroom over here. I hear some shuffling and crying behind the garbage can. I push it away to see Hope. "Are you ok?" I ask leaning down to her. What happened to her. She looks up to me. I then notice the scratches on her left cheek. I pick her up in my arms. She winces in pain. This is bad. Whoever bloody person did this to her is going to rethjnk this and come back to say sorry, becuase Hope is a very sweet girl. HOPE POV It hurts to breath. Where is Liam taking me? And just like he read my mind he tells me that he is taking me to his hotel room with the rest of he hoys. Probably his band mates. I then pass out from all of the pain.
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