Hopfully in Love

This story is a bout a girl named Hope. She is having a bad time, untill she meets somebody who can help her.


3. Meeting The three weirdos

Liam's pov

I watch as Hope's head falls down to her chest. She probably passed out. Great. I just keep running towards my hotel with the guys. I get to the corner and turn. Then I am almost there. Stay in there Hope, come on. I say in my mind. Hope is a nice girl. She doesn't deserve to be in this position that she is in right now. I see the lighted up building that glows in the black sky. I look up to see all of the stars above me. I get distracted and almost get run over by a car. They honk at me. "SORRY!" I yell towards the car that runs past me making my hair go into my face. I am able to cross the street safely this time. I get to the other side and lean against the door to open it. It swings open. I walk into the hotel. I go into the elevator and press 3 with my elbow. I wait till i hear the ding of the elevator. I watch the doors open slowly and I step out and walk to room 1589. I knock eih my foot for one of the boys to open the door. Harry opens. "Hey Liam your back how was y- who is that gorgeous girl?" Says harry. I laugh at the last part. "I will tell you as we clean this girl up." I say, tilting my head to expose Harry to Hope's swollen cheek. Harry's eyes widen and he takes a step back and holds his arm out. I step in. "Who is home?" I ask him. "Well, Niall and Zayn went to get some food in the limo, and Louis is still on his date with Eleanor." Says Harry. I nod as a set down Hope on the couch. I go to the bathroom and get out the first aid kit. Good thing tht I brought that here. You never know what will happen. I open it up and take out some creme for the swelling and some bandages. I walk back to the living room and place my iteams onto the coffee table and kneel down beside the couch that hope is currently on. "You gonna' tell me now?" Asks Harry. I nod and tell him how I met her and what just happened right now. "That is horrible...!" Says Harry. I nod in agreement as a try to cocentrate on getting this very confusing bandage onto Hope's bleeding cheek. Harry giggles and takes the bandage away from my hands and he puts it on it seconds. I look toards him. He is trying hard not to laugh at me. I raise my eyebrows at him and push him. He lays on the floor and laughs. I can't hell but let out a giggle or two. I then hear a knock at the door. Harry looks at me and I look at him. We both get up to answer the door.

Hope's pov

I strech out my arms once I wake up. I go to pull the blanket ontop of me more but it is not there. I open my eyes and see a different room. Where am I? I am on a couch at the moment. I was about to sit up, when my stomach has a bad pang in it. That hurts. I decide to just sit and hug my knees. I then hear. "Liam!!!" It is a man's voice. Wait, Liam? I look behind me to see a guy with black hair. Zayn. I wave and give him a slight smile. He returns the smile and then goes back to his disbelief face. Then Niall walks into the room. Next is Harry and Liam. Liam walks up to me as Harry whispers to Zayn and Niall. "Do you need anything?" Asks Liam, as he sits down next to me. I shake my head no. "Do you remember last night love?" He asks me with wuestioning and sweet eyes. I nod as in yes. "Do you remember whi did this to you?" He asks me.
The pain... Why did he do this....? Jacob...?
I try to hold back my tears but I fail. I fall into Liam's arms and cry.... Hard. I hug his waist as he hugs aroung my arms and he pets my hair. "Shhh.... It's ok.." He keeps repeating this to me and petting my hair. I feel like a lost puppy. I calm down after whatfeels like an hour. I wipe the tears away and look to the three boys. They all have pity faces on. I smile at them. "Why don't you guys come and sit down? I don't bite." I say with a sign for them to sit down. They walk over and sit down. Niall sits beside me. Harry sits beside Niall. Then, Zayn has no room. I then feel hands onn my waist pull me onto their lap. After they rap there arms ariund me so I don't fall I turn around to see who it is. Liam. I smile at him. The boys make room for Zayn to join us. I wonder what timenit is? Carly is probably worried her cheeks off about me. I pull out my phone and check the time.12:23!? Wow... "I have to go." I say. "Do you live with anybody?" Asks Niall. "Yes, I live with my best friend Carly." I reply. "I will text her to come and oick me up." I say. I text Carly that I am fine and that Liam helped me and took me to his place to wash me up. I was about to press send when I remembered that I think that I should tell her the adress. "What is your guys adress?" I ask. "1D rules street. Epic hotel." Says Zayn. I smile and text Carly. I press send and lock my phone and put it back into my bag.
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