Hopfully in Love

This story is a bout a girl named Hope. She is having a bad time, untill she meets somebody who can help her.


1. How we met.

Hello, my name is Hope. I am exactly five feet. I have turquoise blue eyes. My hair is naturally straight and black. My skin is pale. I blush very easily. I have bug black nerd glasses. My boyfriend, Jacob, is always mad at me and gets jealous very easily. Well anyway.
Me and my friend, Carly, were shopping for Jacob's 19th birthday present. We were at the game store right now.
"How about Call of Duty?" Asked Carly. I shake my head no. "He has that game already." I say. She puts is back where she found it and she keeps looking. I hear the bell of the door ring, meaning that somebody just came into the store. I turn around to take a look. Its a guy with brown hair, it is slightly growing back. I guess that he shaved it. I cannot see his face very good. I walk to the next aisle. I see Fifa 2012. Jacob doesn't have that game yet. I was about to pick it up when somebody else puts their hand on the game also. I follow the hand, to the arm then to the face. It was the boy who had a shaved head. Then as I take a closer and better look at his face I notice that he is Liam Payne.
"You can have it." He says while pulling his hand away. "No, you can. I think that you had it first." I say while picking it up and placing it in his hand. I give him a gentle smile. "No you can." We keep arguing to see who gets to keep it. Then we get interrupted by Carly shouting. "WE ARE KEEPING IT!" I quickly turn to her. "No he can keep it." I say back. "We have to give that to Jacob." She replies back to me. Oh yeah, I forgot about him. Well, not to be mean. But, Liam mDe me forget about him. "Why don't we order one?" I suggest. Liam nods his head. So does Carly. We walk towards the cashier. "My name is Liam, by the way." He says. "I know." Me and Carly say at the same time. His eyes go wide. "Your famous." I remind him. Then he gives me an embarrassed face. "Oh, heh, I forgot about that." Says Liam. "My name is Hope, this is my Best Friend, Carly." I say. He smiles at us, Carly and I reply back with a smile also.
As we get to the counter I smile at her. "We would like to order this game please." I say. She nods. "The wait is one week." She says. My smile fades. Jacob's birthday is tonight. I can't wait that long. "Can you wait that long? Because my boyfriend's birthday is tonight." I ask hoping that he will says sure. "Yes. I can wait that long, it is fine with me." Liam says. "Okay, I will take this game right now. He is going to order the game." I say to the lady behind the counter. She nods, gives me the game and then gives Liam the receipt for the order. I check the time, 4:38. Shxt! I need to be home at 4:40. "Well, I gotta go, bye Liam!" I yell pulling Carly with me.
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