You'll Never Ecsape...

The trilogy to Always Watches, No Eyes. Lady Liobean and Dog Rosie have settled down, but have terrible nightmares of the beast. The Daughter, Morgan banned from wandering in the haldes Wood's is abducted and Liobean has to find out before she's gone forever... WARNING DON'T READ THIS BOOK UNTILL YOU HAVE READ ALWAYS WATCHES NO EYES


5. Stuck Forever ...

Morgan awoke in a haze, dimly aware of the man in front of her. She strained to up, but invisible forces forced her down.

"Not yet..." A gravelly voice echoed. Its voice seemed to bounce around the dark trees. There was a constant static noise, but It wasn't bothering her, or the fact that her vision was slightly blurred with static But as Morgan's eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, she found herself looking into a man's face, or lack of a man's face. She wasn't even sure it was a man. But, she had a weird feeling, as if she knew this 'thing', amongst the rising terror she felt a familiar pang, like seeing a friend in a crowd, though this thing was no friend. "You don't have to be afraid," The sinister gravelly voice said. "I'm not going to hurt you, yet ..." It spoke as if attempting to lure her into a false sense of security. She glanced around her, determined not to look at the menace. It started chuckling, though its gravelly voice made it sound as if it was choking or growling deeply. "Trying to deny facts?" It chuckled again, making Morgan shudder. "Look at your reflection little one, and work out for yourself..." It laughed evilly, And vanished, making Morgan jump three feet into the air. The static had faded, but not gone. It was buzzing in her ear, promising madness and suicide. It was all she had, a little comfort. It was five minutes before she dared move, lest the thing comes at her again. She slowly crept to the edge of a muddy pond, algae creeping alongside the banks. She stared at her reflection for half an hour, horrified at the image she saw. Her features, eyes, nose, mouth, was gone. A slim line where her mouth should be was stretched across from her left cheek to her right, creating a layer. She could see and smell perfectly, talk ... or could she? She quickly revised the alphabet, and realized she was talking with her mind. A horrid thought came to mind, was she stuck like this forever? The hoots of nearby owls seemed to agree, and distance howls reminded her of why she had went out in the first place, To see the forest. Howls from her mother as she ran outside, the terrible shrieks that sent shivers right through her body. Strangely she could hear the howls coming closer, and with that worrying her, she struggled upwards, and collapsed again. "This is going to be a long night," She thought to herself.

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