You'll Never Ecsape...

The trilogy to Always Watches, No Eyes. Lady Liobean and Dog Rosie have settled down, but have terrible nightmares of the beast. The Daughter, Morgan banned from wandering in the haldes Wood's is abducted and Liobean has to find out before she's gone forever... WARNING DON'T READ THIS BOOK UNTILL YOU HAVE READ ALWAYS WATCHES NO EYES


1. Run All You Like ...

Liobean was in haldes forest. The trees where whispering, swaying in the gentle night breeze as if trying to touch her. She was alone, and was walking. Rosie had disappeared and she could hear the familiar sounds of the forest dwellers. She suddenly stopped, and glanced behind her. It was there, following her from a distance, ever moving. She was petrified and felt her feet sink into the ground. It was edging way from the trees and into a clearing, then vanished behind another towering oak. She felt shivers across her spine as it was staring at her. Something twisted in her gut as she though of that fateful day when Charles died. The case had been though as he committed suicide and she wasn't allowed to investigate, on account of the stories told to the police, and the months spent in mental asylums. It all flowed back to her, and the man was in front of her now. The ever present static made her go deaf, but she could still hear it. Static was filling her vision. The face was staring at her, and she felt herself reaching out towards it. The man had more arms growing out of his back, stretching out then darting towards her, wrapping around her like a snake. She felt her lungs collapsing in and her ribs cracking as the limbs coiled around her growing ever tighter. The thing then uttered something. She couldn't make it out, probably because she was on the edge of death. She then passed out after one of the hands suffocated her.

She awoke in a cold sweat, Rosie on the pillow licking her nose. Morgan had rushed in, and Liobean realised she had been shouting in her slumber.
"I'm ok Morgan, honey," She lied, "Go back to bed, tomorrow we have to get up early."
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