You'll Never Ecsape...

The trilogy to Always Watches, No Eyes. Lady Liobean and Dog Rosie have settled down, but have terrible nightmares of the beast. The Daughter, Morgan banned from wandering in the haldes Wood's is abducted and Liobean has to find out before she's gone forever... WARNING DON'T READ THIS BOOK UNTILL YOU HAVE READ ALWAYS WATCHES NO EYES


2. Morgan

"Mum, get up."
A far away voice called out to her, but she just ignored it.
"Mum, we're going to be late!"
The voice was getting moderately louder, but she counties her slumber.
A black cold, wet object was flung onto her face and instantly she sprung up. Her tired eyes adjusted to the light and she discovered it was Rosie, her 17 year old Jack Russell, who despite her age is still as active as the day she brought her home as a puppy. Morgan was staring wide eyed at Liobean, as she stumbled to the mirror in her gigantic dormitory.
"You look like a zombie come back from the dead." Morgan bristled
"Urgg Brains!" Liobean teased and groaned all the way to her dresser, and brushed her hair. On the dresser was little kic knacks Liobean kept of Morgan, her daughter.

Morgan was frail when she was born, still is now but far from weak. She bested her mentors at martial arts and could easily lift up Liobean with a single hand, partly because Liobean is frail herself. It has been 8 years since the 'Slender' Incident and strangely Liobean had given birth not long after release from the asylum. She didn't know how or why, and doesn't particularly wants to find out more. Although she has tried to retire from her detective business but the police didn't want her to leave, despite that fateful night. Morgan had no friends apart from Liobean and Rosie, and her tutors didn't seem to last long when she was in a mood.
"Mom, are you alright?" Morgan questioned her, she could tell when she was thinking about her, one of the downsides of having a clever daughter.
"I'm fine honey, lets leave the forest walk for today can we?" Liobean replied
"Awww!" Morgan moaned "You promised Today! You do this every time! What have you got against the forest? I swear..."
"Stop it! That's my final decision now stop blabbering on! You know why we don't go into the forest!" Liobean bellowed, her voice echoing around the room
"I don't know though, you don't tell me Anything!" Morgan cried. "I hate you!" As she ran out the room. Liobean signed "I don't know what to do Rosie." And as if she knew Rosie kept up and licked her face "I know I should apologise but the full moon is coming, and I'm always frisky around then, And the amounts of disappearances covered up by the media doesn't disguise the fact that its out there, and getting ever nearer, judging by the nightmares, it knows where we are and I really don't want it to get Morgan, even if she is ..." Liobean paused. She didn't know what to make of Morgan. Rosie jumped out of Liobeans hands and out of the room. Liobean smiled warmly and followed after
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