Christmas Wishes

Two BFFs have just moved out and are roommates. It is almost Christas in 30 days, and the girls are using their way of preparing. Will things go diastorously?


2. Bridge and Panda's Way of Decorating

 Bridget's POV

"NEPHELLE!" I yelled. She came downstairs and  I said "Christmas tree." We put up the Christmas tree. It was kind of difficult, becuase Panda kept letting go of her secction and saying "This is hard..."

 When the tree was standing, it was lopsided and a few branches were in mine and Panda's hair.

We hung ornaments on it next. They ended up clumped together and nearly falling of the branches.

We put garland upon the tree. Tip: Always do garland before ornaments. The garland finally stayed on, but some ended up on our faces.

Finally we did the star. The tree nearly fell on me, but we got it on. 'On' counting as being on the genral top area of the tree.

I stood back and looked at the tree. It was almost on it's side, and the garland and ornaments were almost on the floor, but hey, it was the next best thing.


Next for the outside decorating.

We decided to put lights on the two trees in our front yard.

I picked up the lights and tried them on one tree. They fell and I picked them back up.

I turned around and a grin appeared on my face. "Meet the Christmas Panda!" I announced silly-ish. "Uh oh." Neph-Panda said worridly. I tied Neph-Panda up in the lights and laughed as she struggled to undo them.

When she had finally gotten them of and untangled MOST of them, we strung them on randomly.We ended up tying the two trees together, but hey, the lights were up.

"I'm exhausted." I said and sat on the couch, followed by Panda."I agree." She said. "And I have light-shaped marks on my arms." She added.


A/N I know this chapter is short. I'm tired. I will make up for it by posting a bunch of chapters on the weekend.

So how do you like Bridge and Panda's Way of Decorating? I think it is funny.

I am going to edit this chapter tomorrow. I just wanted to get it out.


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