Christmas Wishes

Two BFFs have just moved out and are roommates. It is almost Christas in 30 days, and the girls are using their way of preparing. Will things go diastorously?


3. Braveheart


I giggled as I grabbed my clarinet from under my bed. I quietly unpacked it and turned to the sleeping Neph-Panda.

"16 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!" I yelled, then started playing Jingle Bells on the clarinet. "Huh?" Neph-Panda said sleepily.


When Neph-Panda had finally woken up, we had some toast. I found food colouring in an un-unpacked box and coloured one side of my toast red, and the other side green.

I swallowed the last bite and stood up. "Bridget..." Neph-Panda said, still tired. "Ya?" "THIS!" She yelled and grabbed a box.

She pulled something out of it. Christmas lights. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!" I yelled and tried to escape. I turned around, about to run, but her orange canary and pastel canary flew over and pecked me on the arm.

"BRAVEHEART!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled. My kitty came bounding over and she leapt into the air and grbbed the pastel canary. The orange canary flew down to rescue her friend, and Neph-Panda ran over to pastel.

I scooped up Braveheart and she purred as I stroked her head. I laid her down on the ouch and she stopped purring.

I saw Braveheart staring at the Christmas tree. Particualry at a strand of garland that was hanging from the bottom. As she jumped of the couch I yelled "BRAVEHEART, NO!!!!!!!!!!!" And ran to the door of the room that the Christmas tree was in. I slammed the door closed before Braveheart got there, and scooped her up.

I put her down in the little bed she had and put up the dog fence around her.

I walked to the Christmas tree and pinned up all the garland on the bottom. Then I let Braveheart out. She meowed at me and put on her pouty face. I laughed as she tried to reach the garand that was now about a metre in the air.

She soon gave up and joined me on the couch, where I was watching a news piece about One Direction.


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