Christmas Wishes

Two BFFs have just moved out and are roommates. It is almost Christas in 30 days, and the girls are using their way of preparing. Will things go diastorously?


1. Meeting the Characters

 BFF #1- Yasmine Brooks


Has curly orange hair that goes to her mid upper arm. Greenish-bluish eyes. Age 19. About 5foot3". Light, slightly tanned skin.


Toms, uggs, scarves, pandora charm bracelet, nail polish, jeggings, jeans, leggings, v-neck T-shirts, running shoes, pom pom hat, button up coat, canada 2012 olypmpic mittens, ear muffs.


She loves animals, ecspasilly cats. She loves friends and family, and is also mainly independent, except for one close friend. She can play clarinet, and can be goofy sometimes, but at other times can be very mature.


She has one cat. It is grey, and it has a lot of puffy fur. It's name is Braveheart Chantel Brooks. The cat loves to be stroked, and was a rescue that was found by Yasmine herself.


Real name: Yasimne Zoe Brooks. Nicknames: Bridge,Yas, Yas-bear, Zoe.

Facts about her

She changed her name from Yasmine to Bridget, and now her full name is Bridget Zoe Yasimne Brooks.


BFF #2- Nephelle


She has black hair that goes to her mid stomach. Green eyes. Age 19. About 5foot1". Pale-ish skin.


Anything colourful.


She likes animals and loves dogs. She thinks birds are fascinating, and has two of her own; one orange canary and one pastel canary. She is very goofy and barely serious and she loves having friends.


She tried to learn giutar, but could not do it, so she downsized to ukulele.


Full name: Nephelle Pandora Smith.  Nicknames: Nephie, Phellie, Pandora, Pan. Main Nickname(s): Neph-Panda.

A/N I now have two main stories; Christmas Wishes and Meeting Skylar.






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