Adventures of Love

This is the story of a girl named Alli. Just a regular teen age girl, who has a sister that is obsessed One Direction. Alli has never cared for them. Never listened to their music, never thought about them, and never even seen them! But, one day, she has to take her younger sister, Ashley, to see them in concert. Little did she know, she was in for a whole lot more than just a concert.


2. Chapter 2: Accidental Happiness

I wake up on what seems to be the back stage at a concert, with a woman leaning over me and blotting my head with a wet rag. My head is pounding and my mouth is dry. I sit up slowly and she shoves a water bottle in my hands and she says, "Drink sweetie, you passed out from lack of water!" I drink the whole water bottle with water dripping down my face, as fast as possible, not knowing that Harry and Louis were watching me just across the room. They walked up as I was just finishing the bottle. I wiped my face, embarrassed. They look at me, with sweet, beautiful, gentle eyes. They both start to talk at the same time, Harry saying " Are you okay? I was so worried!" and Louis saying " Oh my gosh, you gorgeous human being! Are you well?" I didn’t realize their accents at first. British I think? Anyways. I can already tell I’ll like Harry better. More sweet and genuine. Louis, is quite attractive but seems like a player. And the way he talks… I just don’t like it that much. I reply saying, "Oh yeah, I’m fine." I feel my cheeks starting to hurt from smiling so much, which I hadn’t even noticed at first. Harry asks my name and I say, " Allison, but you can call me Alli." "Lovely," he says while taking my hand and kissing it gently. I feel myself blush. All Louis asked was " How old are you?" I told him, "16. How old are you guys?" Harry replies, "18" and Louis, "20". They both looked about 17 or 18 years old. Louis had longish brown hair and the prettiest color of eyes, bluish green. If the light hit them just write, they would shine. Harry has curly brown hair with the same color eyes as Louis! Beautiful.

I remembered my sister. Worried, I ask Harry, " Have you seen Ashley?! I can’t believe I forgot!" "Oh yeah!" he replied. "She’s fine, she with the rest of the guys." He held out his hand waiting for me to take it. I gently grasped his hand and didn’t let go, even when we walked into the room where Ashley was. Louis seemed to notice Harry and I had thing, because he had back off of me. " Ashley! Oh my goodness! Are you okay?!"

" I’m fine. You were only out for like 5 minutes." She replied.

Harry finally let my hand go and introduced me to everyone else starting with a gorgeous boy who was tan and had a buzz cut on the sides of his head but big hair that was fluffed up tall and came to a point at the front. "That’s Zayn", he explained, then he pointed to a bleach blonde haired boy with sparkling blue eyes who smiled at me as soon as I made eye contact with him. "And that’s Niall", he continued. There was one boy left, the most normal looking one with short brown hair that was layered and had brown eyes. "And lastly, that’s Liam." I waved to them all and then Harry took my hand once again and said to the boys, "Be back in a few guys!" And as soon as he said that, I saw Niall get sad. It seemed he knew what was going to happen. "Don’t be too long Harry, we’ve got to be on stage in an hour," said Niall, hoping Harry wouldn’t do what he thought Harry was going to do. "I won’t be late," He replied. I then realized Niall had a Irish accent!

As Harry showed me around we talked and talked about each others pasts and what to hope to do in the future. "Yeah, I used to be in a smaller band, White Eskimos. I guess I was always kinda into music." Harry says "Wow, that seems cool. I've always liked music" I laugh back. 'Harry is really cute' you think to yourself. "So," Harry starts, "I like your shoes!" I glare at him then look down at my shoes. "You really like my shoes?" I ask in a sarcastic tone. "Yeah, I just didn't know what to say.." He trails off. 'He's really funny too!' I think to myself again. "Wow Harry..." I laughed and he did too.Then after about an hour of talking, we stood at the corner of the stage and peeked out and saw a stadium of thousands of girls and a few guys around( I assumed they were gay, considering they were holding signs saying " I love you 1D!"). Laughing as we put the curtains back, he took my hands and put them on his shoulders. I knew things were starting to get more serious by now.

He took my waist, pulled me close, and we started to dance. It was a bit awkward because there was no music playing so I just leaned my head on his chest. 'This feels so wrong, yet so right' I thought to myself. I pulled my head off of his chest and looked into his eyes and he looked right back into mine, then he broke the eye contact and looked at my lips. He leaned in, making me nervous. I leaned in too and then it happened. I screwed everything up. I hit his face with my face! No kiss! Just a face to face hit! He laughed, I blushed and looked down at the floor. He took a hold of my face in the sweetest, most gentle way and he kissed me. It wasn’t just any kiss. It was… perfect. He just gave me a long peck. Nothing more, nothing less. It was amazing. And then I knew. I wanted to be with him.

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