Adventures of Love

This is the story of a girl named Alli. Just a regular teen age girl, who has a sister that is obsessed One Direction. Alli has never cared for them. Never listened to their music, never thought about them, and never even seen them! But, one day, she has to take her younger sister, Ashley, to see them in concert. Little did she know, she was in for a whole lot more than just a concert.


1. Chapter 1 : The Concert


My name is Allison Michelle Thompson, but I go by Alli. I live in Stratford, Connecticut. I’m in 11th grade and I’m 16 years old. I love my life, it couldn’t be better! I’m not popular and I’m not unpopular. I’m right where I want to be. I don’t own a bunch of clothes and I don’t own brand name anything. I have the best boyfriend in the word and this is the story how our relationship has come to be. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Today is the day I take my 14 year old sister, Ashley, to a concert. A concert I have no interest in going to. One Direction is her biggest obsession at the moment and me being the older sister, I have to take her everywhere. It's always been like that. Mom and dad both work, so i've always beem stuck with being the taxi. I do love her, but it just get annoying. But I really shouldn't compain becase mom does give me gas money. Anyways, I don’t particularly like this band. I’ve never even seen them. All a bunch of prep boys who think they are "too cool for school", but they are just conceited boys. Ashley worships them…I honestly have no idea why.
As I’m getting ready for the concert, I see Ashley waltz into my room with her long dark hair. She heads for my closet, searching for her favorite top of mine, plucks it off the rack, and walks right out, without even asking! Whatever, I guess I should take that as a compliment. My clothes are better than hers anyway. Back to getting ready. So I’m sitting there looking in my mirror deciding how to do my makeup, wondering if I want to put any on in the first place. I decide to put on some Mac Cover up, and after that, I apply some mascara to the eyelashes that tower above my crystal blue eyes. Then I throw my long, bleach blonde hair up in a messy bun and throw on some skinnies and a loose, flowy, see through, floral shirt with a white tank top underneath. I slide my feet into my old, battered, black converse, covering my mismatching socks.
As I walk out of my room, I see Ashley wearing my shirt, which was tight at the top just under the chest and then it flared out into a bunch of loose ruffles that were all separated. With that, she had to wear a tank top underneath. It was a beautiful shade of blue, midnight blue to be precise. Then she had on a pair of jean shorts and black vans. Her long tan legs and arms look stunning in her outfit. She looks pretty cute for being my sister.
It’s about 5:30 in the evening, and although the concert starts at 8 o’clock, there is a meet and greet beforehand. So we walk out of the house, hop in my green Kia Soul and we are on our way. Ashley turns on the radio to 95.1 and she screams because they’re song, "What Makes You Beautiful", just started to play. She cranks the radio up all the way and starts singing along. With my ear drums almost bleeding from how loud it was and hearing people I don’t know singing a song I don’t want to hear, I turn it down. Ashley looks at me with disgust and then looks the other way with a huff. We pull up to the stadium about 30 minutes later, and there is already a giant crowd of screaming girls forming. I ask Ashley if she has her phone and her response was "DUH! Why wouldn’t I? Gosh, Alli, sometimes you are honestly a brainless bimbo." Blowing the insult into the wind and getting tired of her, I say to her, "Go ahead and get in line, I’ll catch up with you in a few." "Really?!" she squeals. "Yupp, go on!" I say with a grin on my face. No matter how annoying she gets, I love making her happy.
I go and park the car and lock it up, walking up to the long line of screaming girls. I see Ashley, she’s a little farther back in line than I would have hoped but it wasn’t too far. As I walk up the line I hear girls yelling at me "HEY! BACK OF THE LINE! NO SKIPPING!", and, " HEY YOU, END OF LINE! WAIT YOUR TURN!!" and more from other girls and their moms. I just ignore them and keep walking. I finally get to Ashley and we wait, and wait, and wait for about an hour. I see a bunch of boys walk by but none of the other girls seem to notice them. One smiles and waves at me. Another one smiles, waves, and winks.
After waiting about another 30 minutes, the line starts to move. And after about another 20 minutes, we finally get to the front and the directing people show us where to go. I finally see them. "Those are the boys that walked by me and smiled and waved and winked at me", I think to myself. I walk up to the table and they all have name plates in front of them. The boys that noticed me were Harry and Louis, both attractive. They all said hello to me and Ashley and she was so excited she was pale. Me, having been standing outside in 95 degree weather and not having enough water in my system, passed out.


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