Bailey Stewart is the good girl, the teachers pet. Will Jordan is the bad boy. They have... a history that isn't all sunshine and rainbows. And somehow, this means that it's the perfect opportunity for them to switch bodies after Bailey falls into a coma. Will they ever switch back? And can they adjust to being two different people?


5. William Jordan and I officially meet...

I looked around frantically, looking for that shade of blonde. It was no where to be seen. That was when there was a knock on the door. No... no, he had not made me late too, had he?

“Miss Stewart... well this is a first.” Mrs Hammond exclaimed, looking genuinely shocked. Well yeah! I had never been late in my life! This guy was totally ruining my reputation. I felt my fists clench. Bailey – or I – looked around, grinning at the attention... until... until she spotted me. A frown appeared on her face. Gabriella nudged me with her foot, a questioning gaze printed upon her face. I shrugged helplessly, because seriously, I was helpless.

Before I could even look up or do anything for that matter, Bailey had grabbed me by the collar and was dragging me out of the room. And yeah, the whole class was staring and Mrs Hammond was telling me – and also me – to get back right there and then. Of course, crazy psycho me was insane. She dragged me into the girls toilets and finally let go.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?” She yelled at me. I held up my hands in surrender.

“Hey, calm down.” My deep male voice rumbled. “You’re the one in my body!” Bailey/me frowned. So this person was as in the dark as I was. She studied me with caution with intense green eyes. Seriously, how short was I? Me/Bailey was only up to me/William Jordan’s chest. How was it possible to be that tall?

“Ummm, no. You’re the one in my body.” My squeaky little voice replied. God, I was a midget and I sounded like one too.

“William Jordan?” I asked, sighing out. Seriously, how much luck did I not have? Bailey looked at me, nodding uncertainly.

“And you are?”

“Bailey Stewart. You bullied me for three years.” I replied sharply before turning to leave. Five weak delicate fingers grabbed at my sleeve. I turned back to Bailey/me, frowning. What seriously weirded me out was that for the first time in my life, William Jordan looked sorry. And that was just something I couldn’t take.

“Bailey... I mean Will – or I don’t even know what to call you-”

“Don’t.” I snapped. “Don’t even go there. Don’t even say your sorry. I don’t want to hear it.” Bailey looked a little taken back. Clearly, William Jordan did not get this kind of back chat ever. Well, he was getting it now... or she. Ah, this was too confusing!

Will upload more soon, I hope :)

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