Bailey Stewart is the good girl, the teachers pet. Will Jordan is the bad boy. They have... a history that isn't all sunshine and rainbows. And somehow, this means that it's the perfect opportunity for them to switch bodies after Bailey falls into a coma. Will they ever switch back? And can they adjust to being two different people?


2. She's a guy... that's normal...

“Will, are you up?” A cheerful voice called to me. So, I was Will now, was I? Will who? I was contemplating on whether or not to answer just in case they were someone whoever I was shouldn’t talk to, the person came in.

She was tall and slender. Her cascading hair was dark and silky, kind of like mine – I mean, his. She had brown eyes, not blue, making me wonder if my – his – father had blue eyes too. My dad had blue eyes. I got my eyes from my mum.

“You’re up early, honey.” Okay, so this was his mother then. If she wasn’t, I was worried about who this guy dated. No, I thought sternly to myself, this was his mother.

“What do you mean? I’m always up at this time.” I replied, surprised at how low and hot my – his – voice sounded. Was I ever going to get used to it? And how had this happened?

She looked at me, frowning, teasing me with her pretty brown eyes. With a subtle roll of her eyes, she walked away, telling me to get my butt downstairs for breakfast. I sighed, obliging, because my unfamiliar stomach was rumbling embarrassingly loud.

Surprisingly, my new mum was a great cook... unlike my real mum. She made a proper fry up, which I wolfed down quickly, as I realized I was late. How could I be late? I was never ever, ever late.

So, I gave this random lady a quick, awkward kiss on the check (because I thought that might be what guys did) and rushed off. This guys bag weighed a ton. Seriously, what had he put in it? Anyway, I got some hopeful looks from a lot of girls that I passed. Since I’m a girl, not a guy, I could tell what they wanted or what they motivations were.

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