Bailey Stewart is the good girl, the teachers pet. Will Jordan is the bad boy. They have... a history that isn't all sunshine and rainbows. And somehow, this means that it's the perfect opportunity for them to switch bodies after Bailey falls into a coma. Will they ever switch back? And can they adjust to being two different people?


3. School and St Pauls...

As I was walking, I began to wonder where I was walking. I mean, where did I go to school exactly? Hoping the bag would have something in there that might help, I riffled through it. I was triumphantly raised a planner out of the green shoulder bag. Will – or I – went to St Paul’s. Wow, I was going to my own school after all.

Relieved to know where I stood for once this morning, I head to my school, almost running. Yeah, that’s how late I was. Before I could walk through the gates however, Mr Morton blocked my way. Oh, seriously?

“Mr Jordan, you’re late. Again.” Again? God, what was up with me – him, even. For the love of God, how many times could you be late? I gave an apologetic shrug, which usually worked with teachers, but it came out more as a careless shake of my shoulders. Oh no, now I was in for it.

“You know what to do, Will.” Mr Morton sighed. When he saw my blank look, he added. “Sign into the late book and get a permission slip from Mrs Clarke excusing you because you were late, okay?” I nodded, giving him a fleeting smile, and took off. I’d never signed into the late book before. It was weird. How could this happen to me? I was Bailey Stewart, the teachers pet who was always right on time with everything I ever did. But apparently I was now Will Jordan too, whoever the hell that was.

Quickly filling in all the required details, I asked Mrs Clarke for a permission slip. She threw me an amused glance, which I think was also mixed in with a flirty one, and handed me the slip. I mean, ew. What kind of a receptionist flirts with a teenage guy who is clearly way too good looking for this old lady. Again, just ew.

More to come :D

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